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 Walter Rusnell

I was wondering if anyone on here has heard of Walter Rusnell. I'm looking for some sermons from him. Can anyone tell me where I could find some. I do have the intro to Christian Spirituality. Any help would be appreciated. :-D

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 Re: Walter Rusnell

I first met Walter Rusnell in Toronto Canada. At that time he had two teaching seminars with work books. 1. The realm of Divine faith and 2. In the Secret of His Presence. I lost my tapes when I lost my luggage when I moved to the USA. He is a great teacher. I am also looking to meet him again or get his seminars. So lets keep each other informed

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 Re: In the Secret of His Presence Walter Rusnell series

Hi, I have this series on cassette and yes agree great teaching. He did this seminar in Kamloops when I was a new Believer and was such a blessing to hear.
Today with the apostosy taking over it is so hard to find seminars like this.
I was just doing a search for where Walter is today, and found this site. If you know how to contact him or his ministry today I would appreciate hearing from you.

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