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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Can I Get A Witness??

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Joined: 2009/2/16
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Can you explain a little more- i believe it- but going away from it- used to be faithful -still trying my best-but feel am falling away.

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Joined: 2009/2/16
Posts: 65

 Re: Can I Get A Witness??

Yes, God is good.God is holy. At times i do not understand why he reamins sient for certain areas when we pray according to His will -abide in Him to the best of our ability and His words abide in us. We can never say we are perfect and never fail- but praise the lord that the blood of jesus is powerful to cleanse us and build us. God is good.God is love.

BVO-do explain about confession- your post helped me to continue in what the lord has been teaching it is

Just wanted to share that God is helping me too to walk in a new way-.To trust God even when it looks like He cannot change people or looks like i am on this side of the fence- then on the fence- then on the other side ofthe fence- back again - doubting again- faith for some time- then sinking down in hopelessness...BY THE GRACE OF GOD THIS FREQUENCY IS DECREASING- still struggling- but realizing that it IS FAITH THAT BRINGS VICTORY.i can walk on this water like Peter, but must focus on Jesus not the storm around.CONFESS GOD'S WORD- CONFESS THAT JESUS IS LORD- CONFESS THAT GOD IS NOT MAN THAT HE SHOULD LIE AND WILL KEEP HIS PROMISE. JESUS IS STILL THE SAME.The walk on the narrow path is difficult, but the blessing and favor of the Lord will come.
I am realizing not to be like Eve when satan told her "did God say"- instead in times of doubt say "lord you said in your word- You are almighty-You are the God who made this ever expanding universe- you are powerful- you are holy- You are GOd-impossible is not in your vocabulary- you care even though it does not look like you do..."This praise is like the suns light that rises to move away the fog of doubt and unbelief- This praise is like a door that opens doors of hope and blessings- This praise is like an anchor that helps me to continue to stay close to jesus.This praise foils evil plans and lets God to step in and make the crooked places straight.Our God reigns.
Be it for a job- for favor for all blessing it will come to pass. Isaac sowed in the time of famine and reaped a 100 fold. In this age when economy - job availability ...and other details are in jeopardy OUR GOD IS ABLE-

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