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To paraphrase Paul Washer... who cares when it happened so long as it happened? It's better to have it, but be theologically wrong than to be theologically correct and not have!

How much simpler can it be?

I have been avoiding this thread because it makes me uncomfortable to read something stated as fact and then read it refuted in the opening reply. I think this just serves to cause confusion.

Maybe some new Christian would happen to read this thread and become hopelessly confused. . .

I agree with Krispy, 100%

white stone


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The point? I think we are too analytical, too self-surgical, too didactic for our own good. There's another word that comes to mind, too easy to be misconstrued but it has to do with being overly occupied with our ... brains, our navels.

Since this seems to be a common tendency and it can be harmful, as you point out, Mike, should we not ask: Why do we do this? Or is that an overly analytical question?

I believe that there are times when we need to exercise more careful scrutiny and times when we need to relinquish our penchant to categorize all data into definable, controllable slots.

To paraphrase Paul Washer... who cares when it happened so long as it happened?

There may be truth in this, but when it comes to spirituality we don’t want to swing the pendulum too far the other way!



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Taking it all apart, measuring it, micro-surgery, analyzing - It seems little wonder that there is so much heated argument when we scientists\academics\lawyers\brain surgeons - mostly amateurs at that come to different hypotheses and want to convince everyone that we have it all so perfectly ordered.

I get so frustrated when I hear secular, atheistic professors and scientists give lectures in their fields of study, be it botanty or astrology, and proclaim with such bold certainty and self-ascribed authority all the processes and evolutions of nature. They handle their subjects as though they are above them and have somehow mastered them, yet the greatest among them can not form from scratch a simple seed and cause it to grow. They should realize they are fools in comparison to the complexity of even the simplest of plant life. How much more should we understand that the best among us will still be a fool compared to the complexity of the divine purposes of God and the depth of wisdom with which He operates in the hearts of men. Let us observe and learn and stand in awe of His greatness as we see more and more of how He operates, but let us not be so arrogant as to believe that we Arminians or we Calvinists have systematized the workings of God into OUR silly little acronyms and methodical explanations.
[color=FF3300]"Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways!" Romans 11:33 [/color]

Buck Yates

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