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 las Vegas on fire

does anyone know where there is a good church in las Vegas ???I am looking for an honest pastor ON FIRE like ravenhill anad such ????

 2009/1/24 5:05Profile

 Re: las Vegas on fire

:) If you find a church pastored by the calibre of Ravenhill let me know!! He did so much in highlighting the state of the church, along with others like him.
Brother Frank has recently started a thread called, a seperation of the sheep from the goats. I don't know if you've read it, but it's
a really good thread.
I don't live in Las Vegas (I don't even live in America), so I can't recommend a church there, but I do understand your desire and problem with finding a good church. What I would like to recommend is to try to find a church that challenges you to walk closer to God through the teachings of the bible, one that has prayer meetings (it doesn't matter if only a few attend) and is reaching out to the lost... even if only 1 or 2 people do it!
Often it's a matter of finding the 'best' of the bunch, and you may have to be prepared to travel a bit of a distance, too.
We really need to take these things to God in prayer, as He's the One with the answers and, after all, He could be encouraging you to lead the way!? :)

 2009/1/25 9:36

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