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 Re: Survey - How will the gospel save you?


...I am interested in how you believe these facts personally affect your eternal outcome. Basically, I am wondering how each of you believes the gospel works (How does the death and resurrection of a man 2000 years ago make any difference in your life?).

I guess you'd really like to see some kind of mathematical or scientific explanation for "how" the gospel saves men. If you need that sort of an explanation to be willing to receive the message of Christ, then the gospel is not for you, nor is the way of Christ available to you. The gospel message is not overly complicated and I'm sure you've heard it many times, explained in many different ways. Either the Spirit of God resonates within you that the work of Christ is a sufficient atonement for the wrath of God toward you or the message of the cross just comes across as simple foolishness to you. It sounds like the latter might be the case for you.

Perhaps you just grew up as a cultural Christian and one day you got old enough to start questioning things and realized the frailty of this gospel message and just how foolish it is to think that man is sinful and deserving of the wrath of a holy God to whom he has rebelled. Even more ridiculous is the idea that God would send His Son to be born as a man, destined to die as a substitute for the sins of those who have hated Him. And finally (this has to be the most obsurd thought of all), God justifies sinful men who call upon Him for mercy and who simply have faith in the work of His Son!!! Can you believe that! What kind of fool would buy into such a fairy tale? As if simple faith in the work of Christ is all one has to have to be forgive by God...but perhaps you're finding that its no small thing to have simple faith in the work of Christ.

This message of the cross does sound like foolishness to those who hate God and are perishing, but to those who are being saved, it is the power of God unto salvation. I don't receive it because it makes perfect sense on paper (though I believe one day we'll see that it does), but because this foolish story broke me to the core and this man who rose from the dead 2,000 years ago has stirred new life in my spirit, I can't explain how it happened, all I know is that I once was blind, but now I see.

Buck Yates

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 Re: Survey - How will the gospel save you?

Hello JLH74,

I'm glad that this survey has popped up on the Sermon Index forums. Since God wants us to give an answer to everyone that asks why we hope to be saved, I'll give my answer.

Obviously, I can only hope to be saved through Jesus Christ like it says in Acts; "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is no other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved."

That's already established. There is no other way to be saved but through Jesus Christ.

I'm a sinner. I deserve to die and I'm going to die. I'm afraid to die because my sins make me frightened. I know God is just and good. I know He punishes sin. I know that He knows my present sins and I fear He'll send me to hell for them. I hate the evil that I do. Christ was born to a virgin. He lived a perfect, sinless life. He was God Himself in the flesh. He suffered and died on the cross taking my punishment upon Himself. According to the Word, I won't be punished for my sins because Christ took that punishment upon Himself. If I'm to find any peace in this world, I'm to believe this even though It won't be evident to me until I stand before God. It's the hardest thing in the world to believe. I risk my entire eternity on this. It's a scary thing. I don't understand it much but that's what I understand. I must become like a little child if I'm ever going to enter the kingdom of heaven. I pray that God would do this because my greatest desire is to enter His kingdom. I don't deserve it.

 2009/1/24 22:45

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i'll be the first to give a brief answer. simply put - the doctrine of regeneration. what started as selfish motives has turned into true desire to know God. proof of this is my changing attitude toward sin.

like i said, i'll keep it breif.

Ben Fuehrer

 2009/1/24 23:03Profile


How will the gospel save you? That's an odd question seeing that our salvation is not a future event but a present reality. I have eternal life abiding in me, I am not waiting to be saved, I am saved by the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

In answer to the question, I heard the gospel, obeyed the voice of the LORD and He gave me His Holy Spirit. The gospel HAS saved me.

 2009/1/24 23:17

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How will the gospel save me?
why won't the gospel save me? why many people are not saved by the gospel.

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Going back to the original question, 'how will the gospel save me?'.

By the grace of God through faith, with my sins atoned for by the blood of our Lord Jesus, upon the conditions of repentance, sanctification, and perseverance to the end, all of which has been designed by God for His Elects before the foundation of the world.

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