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 Re: If you have children you need to know this. . . .

Hi White_Stone...

Just today my Husband was talking with a young man we met recently. He and his wife are having difficulties. The problems did not start until she went to College to be a teacher. He has no clue but as soon as we can we are going to give him this information. He needs to de-program his wife.

I don't think that a "secular" college is much of a problem either. I attended secular colleges as I obtained my education. If you think that this man needs to deprogram his wife, I hesitate to think that his wife made the most of her time in college. College is not a period of indoctrination (well, it shouldn't be). A college education is supposed to allow the student to think for himself or herself.

I had plenty of godless professors...but I approached them as such. I saw them as men who did not know God who presented things that they thought to be true. Ironically, I got along quite well with nearly all of my professors. Even though some of them didn't publicly agree with me in regard to my beliefs, they totally respected me as a person who had sought out the truth with a pure heart. After class, some of them would even ask me to pray for them.

While we can all point out the problems with secular education system (particularly for young children), we should also be aware of the problems with the "christian" education system. If you are going to educate your children in any other system -- be very, very careful. Please know exactly what you are getting before you do so. I have seen some terrible examples of schools...and many of those were "christian" schools that were grossly unable to provide a quality education. If you are going to homeschool, make sure that you know what you are doing...and that you are dedicated to the education of your children. For every great homeschool out there (like Krispy's family), there are also poor examples.

We should be aware, also, that many "secular" colleges will either immediately reject homeschooled or christian schooled children...or they will be extremely selective of those children...relying solely upon their ACT or SAT scores and the quality of extracurricular educational activities for which they participated. Also, many "christian" colleges and universities are not accredited. There is even a government website to check the accreditation status of schools listed on resumes by job applicants. This is regularly consulted by prospective employers.

I am very grateful for the education that I obtained. Yet it was not a period of indoctrination for me. Rather, I [u]obtained[/u] my education by doing what I could to learn...research...and sift through the information presented in my attempt to find truth. The Word of God is certainly truth, yet we are still required to provide for the physical needs of our family. An education can be obtained outside of a formal setting, but it is far more difficult to find an adequate job without a formal degree (high school or college). In addition, we should love to learn. We should cherish the ability to learn search out find truth out of the plethora of information in the murky waters of life.

Regardless of how you are going to educate yourself or your children, make sure that you are very dedicated in what you are doing...and aware of all possible outcomes of your decisions.



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