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for me personally and universaly, it is unprofitable and boring , because it is unprofitable ,when pastors speak from the natural point of view , and interpret scripture that way, and miss the mark when it comes to sharing the spiritual meaning, that the natural points too. Jesus always spoke of natural relations people have, to point to the spiritual relations between Christians Himself, God the Father and the Holy Spirit. It is not unloving to say some pastor is boring me if He is at the time , i am not okay with this midlead assumption that anyone that is a Christian and gets divorced and then remarries while the other former spouse is still alive is an adulterer. that is, wrapped up, tied up, an tangled all up in Jesus' and his love. We as Christians should be able to look to ourselves, like we as indivduals look to certain parts of our own bodies that are not functioning properly and give aid to them , like rubbing a sore mucsle, or treating a wound. Faithful are the wounds of a friend. also Christians that are in fellowship with Christ are not ever offended, nothing shall offend them , the bible says. Jesus would rather us get Him for sure , before we go out and give something we don't have and say it is Him. Life is so easy to have when we have died to our own understanding and not lean to our own thoughts but acknoledge what we know of Him for certain .I just find that when i know something is Holy Ghost Unction that never bores me in church or in study . yet if it is not Holy Ghost unction and it is in church that this happens and it goes on and on then i get bored with it and go into my own private whoreship silently and open my bible and here from the Holy Spirit while the pastor or whorship leader or whoever is speaking is not ministering From the Spirit of God

Clint Demoret

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