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 Ancient and Medieval Church History: Dr David Calhoun

I have been listening to Dr David Calhoun's comprehensive 'introduction' to church history over the past few weeks. Every car journey and dog-walk has been accompanied by the podcasts of Covenant Theological Seminary. I have studied Church History for many years but I have never heard anything nearly so comprehensive as these studies.

You can find them, with notes, at [url=]Covenant Theological Seminary[/url].

His style is measured and you may think it would be boring but the content is an absolute treasure. If you have some rough framework of Church History these, more than 30, studies will fill in almost all the gaps.

Very early on Greg put some Edgar Parkyn's Church History studies that we were hosting on our website onto Sermon Index; they have been very popular with Sermonindex folk. (you can find them [url=]here.[/url] Edgar was a personal friend and his Church History is really given from an Eschatology point of view. The unique strength of David Calhoun's series is that he avoids all Eschatological distractions but concentrates on the development of Christian theology. Parkyns produced an Eschatological Church History; Calhoun has produced a Theological Church History.

His attitude is one of broad sympathy with the struggles of Christians in earlier centuries without compromising his strong Calvinist credentials.

To study Church History in this way is a great antidote to current arrogances. If you listen to these lectures you will be amazed at how often 'we have been here before!!' Calhoun would not agree necessarily with the Torch of the Testimony/The Pilgrim Church approach of tracing the 'hidden church' but is not in opposition to it. The two views, in my view, are complementary.

Strongly, recommended... Get a dog, and an iPod and listen to this amazing and gentle scholar.

You can get a pdf of the course syllabus [url=]here.[/url]

Ron Bailey

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 Re: Ancient and Medieval Church History: Dr David Calhoun

Thanks Ron,

Covenant Theological Seminary is very generous by supplying these first rate lectures. Last year I listened to most of Jerram Barrs' series on Francis A. Schaeffer.


Mike Compton

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 Re: Ancient and Medieval Church History: Dr David Calhoun

I see one of the texts used for this course is by Justo L. Gonzalez. I have read one of his other works and was very impressed. Mark A. Noll is another historian worth checking out. I have enjoyed works from both authors.

Thanks for pointing this out. This truly is a great resource.


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 Re: Ancient and Medieval Church History: Dr David Calhoun

Thanks for the tip, brother.

I've recently listened through several of Covenant's lectures on Psalms and Wisdom Literature, which are good as well.

With care in Christ,

Taylor Otwell

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I also listened to this entire series last year and was greatly benefited by it. Highly recommended.

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