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 Walking in Humility in the Times of Victory

I wanted to share this post as I had received a loving email from a dear believer that expressed perhaps or inferred some concerns to me. I humbly receive them and would like to share my reply.

The issues at hand:

* Cautions concerning being judgmental
* Detoxifying ourselves from the world system
* understanding that the problem of sin is in our own hearts


I really feel your heart and
certainly share in your feelings. If you get a chance,
I have a message on sermonindex called "Getting Back
To the Love We Had At First" that gives my testimony
on those things you described. Towards the end of that
message I share from my heart and it was a powerful
moment. I am wretched- even beyond wretched without
God. Unless God strengthens me- I cannot have victory
over sin. I cannot stop sinning in of myself. Many of
my posts come across as judgmental perhaps or harsh-
but with a heart of brokeness for the condition of
myself first and that of others. I tremble and fear
for the Church in America and for my youth and
sometimes that fear comes across as agressiveness or
wrongly- but I pray that God will not let it be so.

I find that when I subject myself to the things of
this world (not sinners who need the Lord of coarse)
but the worlds system and propoganda I loose that
brokeness and feel my heart hardening to the hurts and
pains caused by sin. I believe that fertile ground for
the devil is a hardened heart. A seed of sin will grow
on the hard and dry places like weeds will grow under
dry and harsh conditions. Ican't give the devil fertile ground (as it were)- I have to stay broken before God. I don't want to be a
Pharisee. God has always been faithful to pull the
props out when i start getting there. I do recognize
what you are saying though and will hear it as a word
of great caution.

To be me is to be a strange thing I suppose. I am the
most non-confrontational person I know (I say that to my shame). Why has God placed it on my heart to say things that make me want to run? Only He can answer that. He laid it to my heart to preach on Hell Sunday Night and I all but refused to do it. God told my son to put together a message and give it to me to preach for that service the week before. He had no
idea what I was wrestling with God over. The message
was titled, "Do you really want to go to hell?" It was
a challenge to love our neighbor and pray for them in
light of what God has revealed will be their fate. I
wept and cried and had a hard time gathering myself
before I preached. God strengthened me and I made it

Please forgive my seeming harshness or my sharpness. I
don't want to be a Pharisee. I want to be like Christ.
I pray for revival and it has burned like fire in my
heart for a long while now- 24 hours a day- 7 days a
week. That has to be God. In myself I would fall into
sin. It is a grind to be in the shoes of one who has
to say what few will say. It wears me down. It
wears... me down. To call for repentance and consider
myself at the same time is a tough thing to pull off.
I have to teach God's word even if I am not totally in
line with it. I cannot allow the Devil to still my
voice by pointing to all my shortcomings. I have to
include myself into the scenerio and say I must do
likewise. I have to consider myself and speak the truth in love. It is a very unpleasant thing though. Sleepless nights. i go home at night and don't sleep much. My main concern is knowing I did not offend God. Man will be offended no matter how lovingly we express their need to repent. It's hard to tactfully tell a person who rejects Christ that they are in danger of damnation. Please pray for me as well.

I may post portions of this for other input on the
Forum. I will not mention you, but you are welcome to
come underneath and comment.

God Bless and Much Brotherly Love,


Robert Wurtz II

 2004/7/27 8:57Profile

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