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 Occupy till I Come.

This is not a "tract" but a 15 page pdf by J.C. Ryle but well-well worth the read.

GOD Bless all.

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 Re: Occupy till I Come.

Thanks for posting this link. Here are a few excerpts:

Think, reader, how condemning are these words to thousands of professing
Christians! What an utter absence of preparation appears in their daily walk and
conversation! How thoroughly unfit they are to meet Christ! They know nothing of
occupying the gifts of God as loans for which they must give account. They show
not the slightest desire to glorify Him with “body and spirit which are His.” They
give no sign of readiness for the second advent. Well says old Gurnal, “It may be
written on the grave of every unconverted man, Here lies one who never did for
God an hour’s work.”

Think again, how arousing these words ought to be to all who are rich in this
world, but do not know how to spend their money rightly. Alas, there are many
who live on as if Christ had never said anything about the difficulty of rich men being saved! They are rich towards their own pleasures, or their own tastes, or their own families, but not rich towards God! They live as if they would not have to give an account of their use of money; they live as if there was no reckoning day before the bar of Christ: they live as if Christ had never said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts xx. 35.) “Sell that ye have, and give alms; provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in heaven that faileth not.” (Luke xii. 33.) Oh, if this tract should by chance fall into the hands of such a one, I do beseech you consider your ways and be wise. Cease to be content with giving God’s cause a few shillings, or an occasional guinea; give far more liberally than you have done yet: give hundreds where you now give tens; give thousands where you now give hundreds. Then, and not till then, I shall believe you are “occupying,” as one who looks for Christ’s return. Alas, for the covetousness and narrow-mindedness of the Church of these days! May the Lord open the eyes of rich Christians.

Think again, how instructive are these words to all who are troubled by doubts
about mingling with the world, and taking part in its vain amusements. It is useless to tell us that races, and balls, and theatres, and operas, and cards, are not forbidden by name in Scripture. The question we should ask ourselves is simply this,—”Am I occupying, as one who looks for Christ’s return, when I take part in these things? Should I like Jesus to return suddenly and find me on the race-course, or in the ballroom, or at the theatre, or at the card-table? Should I think I was in my right place, and where my Lord would have me to be?” Oh, dear reader, this is the true test by which to try all our daily occupations and employment of time! That thing which we would not do if we thought Jesus was coming tonight, that thing we ought not to do at all. That place to which we would not go if we thought Jesus was coming this day, that place we ought to avoid. That company in which we would not like Jesus to find us, in that company we ought never to sit down. Oh, that men would live as in the sight of Christ! not as in the sight of man, or of the Church, or of ministers,— but as in the sight of Christ! This would be “occupying till He comes.”

But think how encouraging are these words to all who seek first the kingdom of
God; and love the Lord Christ in sincerity. What though the children of the world
regard them as “righteous overmuch!” What though mistaken friends and relations tell them they pay too much attention to religion, and go too far! Those words, “Occupy till I come,” are words which justify their conduct. They may well reply to their persecutors, “I am doing a great work, and I cannot come down: I am striving to live so as to be ready when the Lord comes, ‘I must be about my Father’s business.’“


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 Re: Occupy till I Come.

This is a site well worth the visiting. J.C.
RYLE--one of my favorites for plain and simple
gospel conviction!!

Martin G. Smith

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