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 What happened to "fireonthealtar dot com"?

A wonderful website with compilations made by many saints, it was of much blessing to me. I know the brother "bought" must of been paying a fortune in bandwidth, but I cant access it of late, does anybody know what happened?

 2009/1/1 6:48

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 Re: What happened to "fireonthealtar dot com"?

I don't know I couldn't get it either, but I do have 3 GB of their mp3 files from this site archived to my pc and disc....


 2009/1/1 20:57Profile

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I’ve recently downloaded it to my ipod, if that is the same thing as a mp3....

 2009/1/2 10:09Profile

 ohhhhh. (groan)

I did whois searches, domain registar services, called the numbers of the brother who put up this site, who I had communicated with in the past, called all the numbers which were disconnected, etc etc.

and the reason I did this, I might have the servers available to hoist that flag again, I personally received much blessings from it, but to no avail.

 2009/1/2 11:59

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Charlestown, IN

 Re: What happened to "fireonthealtar dot com"?

Any body every find out what happened?

I sure would like to know. It was a wonderful site.

Plow on, plow on...
David Campbell

David Campbell

 2009/7/30 8:08Profile

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you should definetly back order the website so we don't lose it. It would be great to put the site up again with compilations content. I have over 200 compilations on sermonindex you could use to re-make the site again.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2009/7/30 10:23Profile

 amen Greg

that website was how I met you and this ministry, may God bless and prosper them both...and I sure did enjoy partnering up with the Holy Ghost and making compilations as a form of both worship, edification and evangelization.

God love you today Greg is my prayer, your brother, neil

 2009/7/30 10:34

 Re: amen Greg

Well we are in an economic downturn, the brother could have lost his job and couldn't keep the website going.

 2009/7/30 11:53

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Cache Valley, Utah


who was the brother?

Alan Taylor

 2009/7/30 12:56Profile

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I too was soooo blessed by fireonthealtar - the compilations changed my life. I haven't been able to access it for a couple of weeks now either. I sure hope it's not gone for good, it was such a valuable resource. I downloaded about 80 compilations before the site went down if anyone wants some. Let us know if you have any info on what happened to it.

 2009/8/7 21:45Profile

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