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Discussion Forum : General Topics : An atheist explains why Christians SHOULD witness!

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 An atheist explains why Christians SHOULD witness!

I know we're not supposed to post links to YouTube, and if the moderators want to remove this please do! But this is something [b]every[/b] Christian should hear. This is an [b]atheist[/b] (a very famous one) explaining why Christians [b]should[/b] witness! This is just incredible.


 2008/12/23 10:40

 Re: An atheist explains why Christians SHOULD witness!

"I know we're not supposed to post links to YouTube" Oops! I must have missed this~

I've never heard of this guy, maybe he's famous in America only? Yes, it is amazing and so true. You could see how truly touched he was by the gift and by how the guy related to him. Lord, I pray that through this wonderful act of love which happened to him that night, that You will birth in him the desire to get to know You on a personal level, through the wondrous gift of your salvation in Christ Jesus. In Jesus' holy name, Amen!

P.S. On a completely different note, about 12 years' ago, I got lost in the blue ridge mountains, in the middle of the night, sub zero temps... a wonderful Christian couple took me in... a little testimony to God's providence! :)

 2008/12/23 11:43


Glad you have good memories of your visit to my part of the world! Praise the Lord.

Penn is a comedian/political commentator who is surprisingly very conservative in his politics. But he is also an atheist and in one video he blasphemes the Holy Spirit. I believe the video you watched today is much more recent.

Either way tho... he spoke the truth. How much more can you hate someone than to think you have the truth concerning eternal life and [b]not[/b] tell everyone about it?

In the Bible God used an ass to speak to one of his prophets... I'm just saying...


 2008/12/23 12:40

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana



I saw this video a couple of days ago. Whoever this man was that gave him a Bible seems to have made quite an impression as a sincere, concerned believer. There was such a seriousness as he told the story.

I watched it several times.... and then I prayed...Lord, help me share the gospel like that man.

Thanks for sharing the video here Krispy. I hope everyone takes a few minutes to watch it.



 2008/12/23 13:19Profile

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What will God use to manifest His life and
His presence here among the world ?? The
testimony of the gospel truth and the witness
of His love and His Spirit within !!

Martin G. Smith

 2008/12/23 13:36Profile

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I watched it and he says true things, It reminds me of a swedish newspaper once had a little article, or one of those they ask people questions and the answer. I cant remember the question exactly but something like "do you think there is eternal life?" or is there a God or something like that.

And one man answered and said:

"No I dont believe it, if it where true, we would have a christian on every street corner warning us of hell"

And its very true i think, even we dont believe in hell enough, either that or we lack love for people to care for them. Or its as Penn says, how much must you hate someone not to tell them?

thanks for the link, its sobering


 2008/12/23 13:57Profile


Danielle, you're right. His seriousness about it is quite moving. I've seen this guy on Glenn Beck and I think he's on FoxNews quite a bit (you may not recognice him cuz he usually has his hair pulled back in a tight pony tail) and he's usually using a lot of satire and biting commentary. This was a totally different side of this guy.

Proclaiming the gospel boldly has it's place, but I think God uses a more low key way of getting thru to people. A more simple and pure way.


 2008/12/23 14:00

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