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 Christian Hymn or Poetry Books

Does anyone know of, and where I can purchase some good Christian Hymn or Chrisian Poetry Books?

I have Ravenhill's "Poetry & Prose", I also have A.W. Tozer " The Christian's Mystic Verse" but I am wondering are there any others as well.

Thanks for any suggestions and all help.

I am also look for a really good Hymn book.

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 Re: Christian Hymn or Poetry Books

[url=]Mountain Breezes[/url] is a lifetime of poems by Amy Carmichael.


Mike Compton

 2008/12/20 15:11Profile


[url=]Like a River Glorious by Frances Ridley Havergal[/url]

That book contains a large amount of Frances Havergal's poetry.

[url=]The poetry of Jennifer Rene Daniel[/url] has been a great blessing to me. A book of her poems is supposed to be released the early part of next year.

And this is the hymnal that my church uses:
[url=]Living Hymns[/url]
It has quite a few of the rich old hymns of the faith.

Hope that helps!

 2008/12/20 15:58

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I'm not sure about poetry books, but this is a poem that our church is using for outreach during the season, and I've been blessed by it, as it seems to start with Christmas, but share the Gospel. May the Lord bless you.


Do you see that little baby
Who in a manger lies?
This is God's beloved Son,
This is Jesus Christ.

Millions love the story
Of the babe born long ago.
They tell it every year
To their children young and old.

But did you know that baby
Who in the manger lies;
That baby does not stay there
He grows up and dies.

"Oh really", you say,
But you show no surprise.
For after all, each baby
Lives his life, then dies.

But every other child
Born in this world of sin
Each one follows the path
Trod by all other men.

"What path", you ask,
"Do all take but this babe?"
The path of sin and death
That leads only to the grave.

"But He died, too,
I heard you say."
And so He did,
But in a different way.

For this babe in a manger
Had no sin of His own
He lived a perfect life
And for my sin did atone.

"Atone, what does it mean?"
I hear you ask again.
A holy God must punish
Each and every sin.

I have sinned much against
The just and holy King
And He will not ignore my sin
But the punishment will bring.

"But God is love!", you protest.
Yes, but surely you must see
That only a bad and wicked judge
Would set a murderer free.

God will punish sin
Wherever it may be
But this same God made
A way of hope for you and me.

Amazing as it will sound
To any sane man's ear
God the Father placed my sin
On the Son He loved so dear.

The penalty for all my sins
Which should have come on me
God placed it on His only Son
As He hung on the tree.

Jesus, sinless lamb,
Cursed by God on that tree
God poured out His holy anger
On His Son instead of me!

Three days later Jesus rose again
Then He went back up to heaven.
God tells us to repent and believe
On the precious Son He's given.

For it is this Jesus,
Who in a manger lay
Who will be the judge
Of all the world one day.

That day is coming sooner
Than generally believed
Please seek God, get ready,
And do not be deceived.

Only those who follow Jesus
Those whom God's will obey
Only they will be rejoicing
On that great judgment day.

So this is the story of the baby
Who in the manger lay
Repent, believe, and follow Jesus
For He is the only way.

Thank you for your time
And we plead with you again
Remember Jesus didn't stay a baby
But He paid the price for sin.

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Have you ever checked out this site?

Click on the titles and then a letter and then many song titles starting with that letter will pop up. Select one and its lyrics will appear on the screen with its music playing.

Do you live near antique book stores or thrift stores? They may have hymnals for sale, usually very inexpensive. I am always on the alert for song books and one thrift store refused to allow me to pay for a hymnal! I would suggest the old ones would be better then some new ones. I grew up singing those and then later became acquainted with a newer one and find some wording changed. I have never checked out what the original wording was but I was a tad bit alarmed. It seems as though the newer versions downplay the blood [of Christ], regeneration.

Anyhow, CyberHymal should keep you busy for a while..


Sandra Miller

 2008/12/20 19:19Profile

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