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RobertW wrote:
Just a desire to really hear from God. Not a sermon and not a teaching, but the Word of the Lord as it comes forth in various ways.

A while back I struggled with what the difference was in so much teaching and preaching that goes on today, yet with so little effect, as compared to a time I heard Ravenhill speak.

I finally figured it out, at least for me. Today we have many in many forms telling people how to live a better Chritian life. But God Himself spoke through Ravenhill drawing men to Himself. We need more preachers, teachers, singers and writers who have been with God to the extent that when they do what they do, it is a proclamation of what they have heard in secret.

It is God's fresh, annointed and powerful word that is full of life.

Mike Jones

 2008/12/28 10:29Profile


Robert writes.......

"The prayer meeting was AWESOME Tuesday before the meeting. People were praying with the unction of God. Denny did a wonderful job ministering. The Lord carried us along by the wind of His Spirit. Wednesday night an angelic like worship went up before the Lord as He quickened us to worship Him. It was like we were in Isaiah 6 or Revelation 4. I felt a sense of liberty as if the manifest presence of God was moving into the building.'

Manifest presence of God. Shekinah glory. Corporate presence. Brother Robert talks about"angelic like worship." This goes hand in hand with God moving. The woman leading worship was asked to come up at the end of the meetings by brother Denny and again by brother Carter. Both these men , I believe, are sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is vital. You can go with it and allow God to have His way, or you can quench it. The kind of worship Robert was talking about on Wednesday night is very common when Aileen leads. The amazing thing is that men would want to quench Frank

 2008/12/28 11:24

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