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P.P.S. before this thread gets locked (I'm sure it will) I need to know if you get a gold star for being locked out so many times over a such a short period?

 2008/12/20 16:39

Joined: 2006/1/31
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edit: i thank you and the Lord, that he uses you to further try me and refine me

Thank you


 2008/12/20 16:46Profile


my pleasure to at last be of some service 2 u bro.

 2008/12/20 16:55

Joined: 2008/4/7
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After some thought, it seemed best to address this openly, rather than in a pm to a moderator.

There seems to be a pattern in your posts, Whispering to cut and paste previous whole blog articles from your site onto this site. There are many on here now. I understand having an “insight” and communicating it in more than one place, adapting it to the different conversations. But these do not seem to be conversations. [b]I sure hope that SermonIndex does not become the place for bloggers to store/replicate their blogs[/b]. Every once in a while there is a response and it’s off to the races although it seems you have to make multiple jabs before that occurs. Dec 20 Blog is the Nose article. On the plus side it is a way to get responses somewhere. And maybe it will attract some to your blog.

I do not mind passing over these posts. Perhaps you will tire of this activity and engage in conversation that might yield fruit. It can be useful for practice.

 2008/12/20 17:15Profile


Hey Joan

no I'm not storing stuff here. I have my own paid hosting for that.

I do participate in a number of conversational forums, and this is one of them, for several reasons

1) It's good advertising and does get people to look at my sites
2) I want to get the Word of God out
3) I am genuinely interested in the response to my articles from all over Christendom and beyond. In this respect Sermon Index is part of my market research.

On my part, this is GENUINE enquiery, research and sharing. It is most obvious from the embedded URL's (audio as well!) on most other posts, that despite the religious language employed, this is common practice on this well visited forum.

The problem here, is that the forum is full of seemingly, I said SEEMINGLY,self righteous sanctimonious hotentots. All leaping up and down in the long grass of holiness and sharpening their teeth like Ferengi fire fanatics. I am afraid that i have been a Christian for 30 years and frankly am sick of picking up the wreckage of damaged people hurt by such attitudes and such people. (DON'T write me- I am just stating my position) I don't suffer these kind of folks gladly. If they are like Jesus, then i do not want to be like Jesus. Fortunately, I have become pretty thick skinned, so I don't give two hoots what they think about me. My only prayer is that if they are still like that in heaven, then I already have my request in not to live anywhere near them!

thank you Jesus!

OK blessings- now I really am going!

 2008/12/20 18:08

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whispering, in the name of Jesus Christ, why are you here?

 2008/12/20 18:22Profile


see below
(In the name of Jesus)

 2008/12/20 18:23


it's 11:30pm and am busy tomorrow so off to bed

Blessings upon ye all. Especially those who hate me.

[i]* Moderator note: User has been removed from participation on SermonIndex. Thread locked[/i]

 2008/12/20 18:26

Joined: 2006/9/13
Posts: 3156


So you are just here to promote your website?

I do not hate you, I love you.

John 3:17
For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world;
but that the world through him might be saved.

 2008/12/20 18:37Profile

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