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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : must hear: how much has Christianity cost you?

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 must hear: how much has Christianity cost you?

this is an incredible word:

i could'nt find the direct link to this here on sermon index.

 2008/12/19 21:16Profile

 Re: must hear: how much has Christianity cost you?

It's cost me everything and still not enough.

 2008/12/20 10:41

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 Re: must hear: how much has Christianity cost you?

Good word.

When I first came to the Lord, I was standing out in a field one night at a summer camp. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the knowledge that there is a God -- and that I did not know Him. I poured out my life to Him, telling Him, "[i]I will give all that I am...and all that I will ever be...if I could just know you...and be your friend.[/i]" I used many other words telling the Lord how much I wanted to know Him. It was as if time itself stood still. Nothing else mattered. The world could pass away around me...but it didn't matter...because I simply wanted to know Him so badly!

This hunger has not left me. I still feel the same way. I am hungry to know Him above all things. What I was or could have been is counted as dung when compared with the eternal life of knowing the Creator of all things! May we always remember...always consider such things! Whatever the cost -- it is worth that and so much more! My heart belongs to our Lord because I freely gave it back to Him. The most amazing thing? That He still longs to know me and desires to fellowship with me and receive my adoration and love!

What an awesome God we know!


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