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Discussion Forum : General Topics : trials and temptation

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 trials and temptation

Here is my scenario. I am a chiropractor. My job is hands on. I work in an exercise rehabilitation clinic. So patients often come to see me after they've performed their rehabilitative exercises. Sometimes, it is a young woman wearing what is commonplace in many gyms: lulu lemon-type super tight pants. And their shirts are pretty much a second skin.

so, as you can imagine, this causes mental lust temptations for me. I am able to pray through these events and it is not causing me to sin, either mentally or physically.

I have pondered in the past if the Lord's commands to "cut off" whatever causes sin would warrant me refusing to treat people wearing certain types of clothing?


 2008/12/18 13:25

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 Re: trials and temptation

Come up with an outer garment for all of your patients to wear.

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 Re: trials and temptation

Can you have another woman around in the room?
Someone who assists or works as a fellow practitioner? The women could treat women and you treat men?

Just a thought.


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I do not have certain advice for you, other than to say that from personal experience there is grace to totally alter one's business practice in order to have a more pure conscience.

I am a photographer, and for me this means not taking senior portraits for young women, since almost none in California want to dress modestly for those photos. Also, most weddings involve scores of guests in inappropriate attire (which I would have to stare at as I edit the images) and couples seeking engagement photos too often beg for "intimate" posing.

Sometimes it has been very difficult, but in all of this, the Lord has made ways for me to work and, in general, preserve my conscience. May he do the same for you.

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Come up with an outer garment for all of your patients to wear.

As a female I think this is an excellent idea. Instruct an employee to help the client put on a gown and then tell her the doctor will be in shortly to see her. Make this a routine practice for all female patients.

Try it and then come back here and tell us how it worked.



Sandra Miller

 2008/12/18 22:38Profile


Thank you for your help. Keep me in prayer. The easy thing to do is... well, nothing. To continue grinning and bearing through with prayer and looking away.

The outer garment thing sounds the most easily applicaple although this is what I fear will happen:

patient "Why do I have to wear this? Wouldn't it be easier for you to treat me in these less baggy clothes?"

me "You cause me to lust, so I am covering you up."

patient "You're a pervert."

Or something to this effect. I have been praying that God bring no one attractive to my practice. It is very dicey to start putting burkas on patients and there are no available females in my practice to treat these patients. Most patients are females. This is a statistical fact in healthcare. Women drive the healthcare industry. These days, most women see nothing wrong with tight clothing.

Look, I am simply airing out all of my angst. I want to put the Lord first, and I don't want to mess up my practice, as it feeds my wife, three kids, our mortgage and my office overhead. But I want the Lord's Will be done, not my anxiety's will be done.

Keep me in prayer!

 2008/12/19 12:23

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While I do not work hands on with my customers, I do have a similiar challenge with young women wearing very inappropriate attire. Todays youth know no modesty nor the impact they have on men with the things they wear.

I would encourage you to seek scipture for the answer. I would say if you feel any conviction surrounding this it is the Spirit of God working in you (John 16:7-11).

1Blessed is the man
who walks not in the counsel of the wicked,
nor stands in the way of sinners,
nor sits in the seat of scoffers;
2but his delight is in the law of the LORD,
and on his law he meditates day and night.
(Psalm 1)

Ben Fuehrer

 2008/12/19 14:17Profile

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Hi brother...

I definitely understand and will pray for you in your plight. One thing that has always helped me: [u]Pray[/u]. Pray throughout each examination. Pray while you work with anyone. Pray always.

It is difficult to give in to sin when we are so keenly aware that the presence of the Creator of the Universe is in the room with us. It has a way of making us realize that there are other children of God in a room...or children of this world headed for an unthinkable end.

I will be praying for you, dear brother! Be encouraged that the Lord understands this situation better than we do!



 2008/12/19 14:48Profile


Again, thank you all so much. Your help really means a lot to me. I want to put God FIRST in everything I do. I love Him so much! If I could push a button and make every single female patient ugly, I WOULD! LOL. No, I'd make them modest.

But I feel the pressure of providing for my family AND the strong desire NOT to compromise any part of my walk with Jesus Christ the King of Glory.

Keep me in your prayers.



 2008/12/19 14:52

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