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 Stand Firm

As some of you may know from reading some of my previous posts, my wife and I are looking for a new church. This week, we ended up going to my mentor's church where he is the teaching elder. He spoke on Philippians 4 and it was something I was in much need of. I wanted to share some thoughts from his sermon.

We are told in the first verse of the chapter to stand firm. Christ is the solid rock and if we have our foundation built upon him, we have nothing to fear! I thought about what it would be like to be on the front line of a battle (a real battle with swords and arrows). Imagine the fear you would face seeing your enemy approaching you wanting to take your life. I thought about looking back at the king that I am fighting for and realized that if my King is Jesus Christ, I should have full confidence that I can run into battle without fear and stand firm that the battle is worth the fight, even if it costs me my life because HE IS WORTHY!

Paul tells us, not once but twice, to rejoice in the Lord. What kind of a testimony is it to the world to say that we have a God who supplies our every need but then for us to in the same breath deny that very truth!? We should celebrate in all situations. He used the illustration of being diagnosed with cancer. Praise God! either he will use it to kill me and take me home with Him, or he will heal me and glorify himself through that! it is a win-win situation! We have a God who can do all things, why would we not have reason to rejoice!?

We are also told to not be anxious about ANYTHING! What is not included in that? Matt. 6 talks about how God provides for the birds and the lilies of the field and how much more does He love us? It is not easy, but if God tells us to not worry about anything, I would imagine we had better heed His command.

I am starting to get a bit long and need to really finish some homework. I hope these words are an encouragement to you as they were to me.

Dear saints, I pray that you would rejoice in our Lord this hour. Delight in Him! If nothing else, delight in the salvation we have through Him. The salvation we are not worthy of. What a glorious God we have!

Ben Fuehrer

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 Re: Stand Firm

Thanks for sharing this.
Sounds to me like our God fed your soul.
He is so wonderful, and He is an on time God, who knows exactly what we need.
He will lead, guide, and direct you.
God Bless

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