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 Pray for Poison

Here is a celebrity that we can all pray for: CC DeVille. He's the guitarist for Poison. He's been thru cocaine and herion drug addictions, and all the discusting things that go along with being a rock star.

I was reading today where he has given his life to Christ.

Keep in mind he is a new babe in Christ. He has yet to quit the band and come off the road, and is struggling to live holy in that atmosphere. We need to pray that the Holy Spirit... and some pastors... would speak wisdom to him, and that as he matures he will leave that world.

Poison has been a top band since the mid-80's, and has had a bit of a resurrgence in that last couple years. I'm sure it's hard for him to leave because this has been his entire life for over 20 years.

Apparently whatever town Poison is playing in on any particular night, he reaches out to pastors to come and meet with him before and after shows. He asks them to bring sermons on CD's for him to listen to on the bus.

Let's also pray that all of this would be an influence on the other guys in the band.


 2008/12/8 16:18

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 Re: Pray for Poison

I had to immediately do a search on that......

Looks like it happened back in July. Krispy, do you have any more current information than that?



 2008/12/8 16:41Profile


Yea, you must have read the same thing I did. Nothing new to add, but will see if there is more.

Did run across a brief article about their drummer being arrested on suspicion of rape recently.


 2008/12/8 16:55

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