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 Rick Warren Interview

I usually don't post things like this, this makes me pretty upset. Treating the Gospel so lightly. Maybe I am wrong here, wouldn't be the first time I needed rebuked.

Here is the link

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 Re: Rick Warren Interview

I do not hear Rick Warren treating the Gospel lightly because I do not hear him treat the Gospel. “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life,” is not the Gospel. “Accept Jesus as your savior because if you didn’t need a savior God would not have sent one,” is not the Gospel. And some wonder what has happened to conviction of sin and repentance. The Word of God opens and trains our ears.

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At least he sort of stood for the fact that salvation is only in Jesus Christ.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Mr Moderator,

we are to make a stink and he ruffles no feathers not even with Christ's overwhelming love, he just helps to dress it up real nice...

Saints, I would be remissed and un-Christ like if i didn't feel in my heart to pray sincerely for the preachers of our day.

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Rick Warren doesn't bring the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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 Re: Rick Warren

How right you are Greg. In the Spirit of Phil. 4:8 he really did sort of stand for the fact that salvation is only in Jesus Christ. Even when he was pushed a bit. I do remember that was good to hear.

One could put in there, in a conversation with him. I do wonder what he thinks of repentance. I understand he flies a lot. :-) (I am thanking God for His correction.)

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