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 Re: Went to a Third Day concert last night....

Krispy..... good to hear your testimony brother. I think we men fret a lot about provision as the head of the household (not that it's not a legitimate issue, but a magnified worry)and can forget that the head of us is still the means for our provision. I always go back to the Scripture when Christ was talking about seeking the Kingdom of God first and His provision will be added unto you. This scripture helps but it's still easy to slip back into the circumstances that keep splapping us in the face. There's a persistent vigilance that is required to not lose hope. We're all in this economy together, albeit to different degrees, but God's the same and we need to pray for eachother. My prayers are going out to you and your family for His richness of spirit and sustaining provision. God Bless.

 2008/12/5 15:01


Hey...what happened to the Krispy that I left before going to Greenock? Whatever happened, I like it :)God bless you brother and all those who are hurting. It is time for the Lord to penetrate the hard hearts, and whatever it takes, thats good enough............Frank

 2008/12/5 17:45

 Re: Went to a Third Day concert last night....

Krispy wrote:

Lately I've been really burdened down by everything that is going on in the world today. The economy is really effecting my business, and I'm very concerned about the future of my family. So needless to say... I walked into the Civic Centre last night with a fake smile, my wife on my arm. While the "warm up" act was on mind was a million miles away.

Thank you brother for being real.

Wading through hundreds of threads with so much philosophical reasonings, it's refreshing to come across reality. All of us are being affected by all this disturbance in this world. I have felt for sometime now that the LORD will look after us in ways that we never thought possible, if we trust and obey what He is speaking to us today.

When I was reading your post, I know that many of us are very much like you. We all need a fresh touch, a true word from the LORD, a sure word that will settle our hearts and calm our minds, for the days are evil.

Again, thank you for being real and opening your heart up to us, sometimes that takes courage to expose yourself like that, but I am glad you did.

I am glad you enjoyed the concert, and I am also glad that God is not offended to show Himself where "we" think He wouldn't go.

God Bless you brother.

 2008/12/5 20:03


DeepThinker, thanx bro... good word.

Appolus... Refocussed, brother, that's all. lol...


 2008/12/8 8:54


Praise God for refocussing, may we all be refocussed continually............Frank

 2008/12/8 11:08

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