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 The dangers of soul power and the counterfeit experiences

Anyone has any understanding about the soul power exerciced by some famous preachers in USA, or even by non-christians to manipulate the audience?

I dont know how many of you are aware of the latent powers of the soul, many christians seem to be ignorant about soul powers that budists, hinduists, new age movement or occultic groups use to hypnotize, control or manipulate people. Similiar phenomenon is seen to be practiced in some charismatic/pentocastal groups or among evangelical movement (new evangelicalism).

We are living in the day of great apostasy and falling away as predicted in the scriptures. Whether you are a charismatic, pentecostal, baptist, in a denomination or out of a denomination if you are genuinly born again christian and love the Lord you should be concerned about the spiritual environment that you are living in.We need to test the spirits, for not every spirit is from the Lord and we need to judge any movement by its holy fruits and not by its sensationalism or by the number of converts joining a church.

Those who think deception will come only from outside the church are completly deceived, the greatest deceptions and the greatest spiritual dangers come from inside the "church", from those erring apostate "believers", who are like clouds without rain, big in words, show and parade but dead in spirit and deeds.Those who have the form of godliness and deny its power, those who have trampled under foot the blood of the Lord, those who preach the law under the disguise of grace to enslave again the children of God to worldly elements.

For a spiritual discerning believer it suffice to read the new testament and the history of the church to find out that the wolves in sheep clothing came from the midts of believers unaware to devour and destroy.

Are your your spiritual senses sharpen to the point where you are able to "feel" and test the spiritual environment in the church you go? If any time you enter a church you feel a "presence" in the air and your heart that does not humble you or exposes you to God's light to confess your sins to the Lord, to seek after righteousness and holiness, than you better check you ground where you are standing, you may well be in that unhallowed ground of charm and seduction. You may be under the charm of soul power and a under seduction of the "white devil".

For the sake of Truth and Christ who has set us free and redeemed us with his blood, this is a time for us to be viliant for truth and hungry and thirsty for the real fire of Gods presence.We need to speak the truth in love and fight the spiritual war in love. A prophet or teacher should be judged by the fruits it produces.

I believe in signs and wonders, i believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, supernatural or ordinary, i believe in dreams and visions, in revelations and prophesy and overall i believe in God's love and the God of Love. But i believe too that devil is appearing as an angel of light more then ever among many churches and many are being lead astay and deceived or self deceived.I believe that never before has there been such a delusion of counterfeit experiences, gifts and falls signs and wonders in the history of the church that is leading many to the way of perdition.


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 Re: The dangers of soul power and the counterfeit experiences

Well said Redi.

We are leaving discernment up to those that are for the most part blind.

I believe in all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit but am expecting a holy God to act in only a holy way.



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 Re: The dangers of soul power and the counterfeit experiences

Thank you

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 Re: The dangers of soul power and the counterfeit experiences

I have done some research on this very thing. Thank you for bringing it to our attention once again, brother.

Here are a pair of videos for you to use for your own study and awareness. Use to search the following titles:
Signs and Wonders Movement Exposed - 1
Signs And Wonders Movement Exposed - 2


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 Re: The dangers of soul power and the counterfeit experiences

Discernment is a gift sorely needed in the church, in the individual. However, when exercised, it will not do anything to help you make friends and influence people! Quite to the contrary.

Having said all this, one knows that a person's insight may be regarded as opinion and therefore brought into question and doubt. So, are there other indications of a persons walk with God or the lack of it? Certainly! For starters: do they exhibit the qualities of the fruit of the Spirit? Not just one or two of them, but all of them? Or, how about that list of sins as noted in Gal. 5: 19-21? I know of people who talk so pious, are so spiritual but do they ever have an anger problem! You will do anything to avert any confrontation - it is like walking on egg shells! Religious? Yes. Holy? No. Holiness is an integral part of walking with God, we having put on the righteousness of God. If we have his righteousness we will [be and act] righteous...

My understanding...


Sandra Miller

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Those with true discernment will be able to distinguish the true from the counterfeit. There are true signs and wonders that confirm the Word of God, and there is the false and counterfeit, that are lying signs and wonders that the Word warns us about.

Men that move in soul power, that hype up the crowd, that work up the gathering into an emotional frenzy are those that the enemy can easily use to perform lying signs and wonders.

Those that are preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ, which includes healing and deliverance, will often see signs and wonders, because the Lord is confirming the Word that is preached with signs following.

There are many more true signs and wonders occuring in lands where the pure gospel is being believed and received by those who have a child like faith, than there is here in America, where you have all of this mixture going on, and a lot of unbelief that God is no longer doing the miraculous.



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Amen Mike, I could not agree more. I wrote a piece not so long ago on the subject of soul worship entitled "what fire has the younger generation aquired." It may be helpful to some ...Frank

 2008/12/4 11:59

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