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 sabbath day

I believe in studying the bible and not necessarily a particular religion. I believe all that seek God will find him. Therefore, all wisdom ultimately comes through God.
I do not belong to the church of the Seventh Day Adventism. I don't fully support any congregation. All Churches think they are "THE CHURCH". Clearly "all" of them can't be right. I have been looking at the sabbath issue and just happen to pull this article from the web to bring up the subject. I appreciate all of your responses. I will continue to look at the subject. Although so far I can not find anything in the bible that indicates the "Gods day of rest" was changed to Sunday.
Thank you,
God Bless !

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 Re: sabbath day

Welcome to SI. There is a wonderful search tool on the home page that you can use to look up previous discussions among the members here. You will find that the topic of the Sabbath has been discussed ad naseum. Please review the archives.

I don't fully support any congregation.

What does "fully support" mean exactly? Do you attend a church?

All Churches think they are "THE CHURCH".

Actually there are not so many that make such a claim today-among many apostate local churches Universalism abounds and precludes it-among the faithful local churches it has generally not been claimed. Even the Catholic churches now appear to admit to salvation outside of their confines.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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