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In the beginning of me being saved...I started going to a charismatic church in FLorida. They made a request for those who would like to come up front to received the baptism of the gift of tongues or something like's been a long time. Well I fell down, not sure if he pushed me down or not, can't really remember to much anymore since I am turning 39, as I was laying on my back, one person came over to me and helped me speak in tongues...or I was told they helped me draw it out of my spirit?? So long story short I spoke in tongues for a few years and then I stopped after I felt the Lord lead me out of this type of sensationalism with tongues and this whole movement. So I did speak at one time and now I don't! I know I will hear then I never had it...and if that is the case, then maybe the Lord will give me the true gift of tongues? But I don't know why I need it, because we have His word now; in many tongues! The curtain was torn from top to the bottom and I have access now to the Lord because of Christ through the Holy Spirit. AMen

If their is any gifts the Lord so lovingly wants to bestow on me...then I am willing and here.

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