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East Dublin,Georgia,USA

 New Have Qustions

I am new to this site. But not to Gods word.I not long ago renewed my self to him I had been saved but soon went back to my sinfull ways. and left Gods side. But a few weeks ago after years of felling lost and not sure why. A freind took me and my kids to a litte church. The famly there made me feel at home and wecomed. My qustion is this I now feel god is calling me to do more with my life to server him. In away of talking to the younger men and women. How do I do that. I think God is telling me to speack on a Rebellous Nation I have tryed to wright a paper on it but have got stuck. What would you say to the youth of today?


connie horning

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 Re: New Have Qustions

First of all, welcome to the website. I guess you are familiar with it, even though you have recently decided to join the forum.

Concerning your questions, no one can tell you what to do, but for me, I would wait.

Wait on God. Prepare for when God does want you to speak. Seek Him in prayer and be in His word as the apostles did in Acts 6v4 where they gave themselves to prayer and the word.

Even though we might be excited at what God is showing us, it does not mean that we are to go out immediately and tell others.

To run ahead of God could mean you giving an ineffective message, even if it was given with the right intentions.

Moreover, you talk of speaking about a Rebellious Nation. Who says it is now you are to speak on it. It could be in 3, 6 or even 12 months time that God would have you to speak on the subject.

Also, we need to be confident, that God is giving us the message, and not that it is just something we want to say.

I don't want to be tedious.

God bless.

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 Re: New Have Qustions

When God calls; He will also direct and guide
your ways. When He wants you to bring a
message; He will give you words of truth and
wisdom when the time is right.

Martin G. Smith

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 Re: New Have Qustions

hello bro,

Oswald chambers said "always come from God to man"
This is a good little tip in ministering.
I will say this,let the love of God shine and come through you. Ask yourself"what motivates me"?
We must love people to reach them.
The arm of the flesh does much damage in ministry.
Remember,we are a body. And diverse,as all ministry is.
You need to know your gift..
Some are teachers,some prophets,some evangelists,apostles,and pastors
You could have an evangelist call on your life.

Whether young or old the rebirth is the same. They need what you have, Jesus.

I believe you will find ministry very easy if you put yourself out there in ministry and just watch what God does through you. There is no greater "rush" than to see them receive from heaven.
I can also tell you,you better have a real clear understanding with the devil. Because he is vile and vicious to stop you.
The work of evangelist is not for the faint of heart.

In a nutshell give them Jesus, but you need a training yoke with a minister.
Get connected to another proven man of God.

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