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 Assignment: Define inherited sin.

[color=cc8800][size=large][b][i]Sunday School[/i] Homework Assignment[/b][/size][/color]
[size=large][b]Define "inherited sin"
in one sentence only.[/b][/size]
[color=990000]Read Instructions Thoroughly:[/color]
Your answer must be a complete sentence starting with the words "Inherited Sin is". If you want to post something longer than one sentence then PM me about it please or use the "can you prove sin nature" thread. If you disagree with or want to add to another person's definition please don't. Just one sentence only. Long sentences are acceptable within reason.

Inherited Sin is .... the .... which .... because... made ....thus....[Period][/i]

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 Re: Assignment: Define inherited sin.

Inherited Sin, also called Original Sin, describes the inherent sinful tendencies in fallen man to experience morally debauched thoughts, feelings, and actions, and is received by nature from Adam; this differs from Imputed Sin, which is the legal guilt upon mankind for having sinned in Adam, their Federal representative.

More info here.

[url=]What is the difference between original sin and imputed sin?[/url]

And also here, [url=] search results for 'Original Sin'[/url]

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 Re: Assignment: Define inherited sin.

This forum is not a place for dictation nor for setting up ones self as a teacher dispensing instructions, rules and manners as to how post's are answered. It is not your place nor position.

Secondly do not abuse the fonts;

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