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 Is God a matchmaker?

I was looking at some books Derek Prince wrote, and he has one called God is a Matchmaker. Do you agree with this? Do you think God has one perfect person for someone one other person? I could see God having a "best" person for you, down through great, good, etc. But I don't know about the perfect match.

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 Re: Is God a matchmaker?

Hello Joshh,

Please be directed to this thread

In it, you will read many replies all saying and proving with Holy Scripture that God controls [b]everything[/b] and every circumstance in a believers life.

Everything we need to know is between the covers of the Bible. What we do not understand, if we pray, believing, the Hold Spirit will teach us.

Don't get impatient, when the time is right, if it is the Lord's will He will introduce you to her. You never know what may have to go on in her life before she will be ready for you. You should work to get as close to God as you can and serve Jesus with all your heart then when you do meet, you will be prepared.

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Hi Josh... obviously you're not a Calvinist! lol

I do believe God brings the right person into your life... if you let Him.

My wife and I met before either of us were Christians. Lived together for awhile, got married, and then got saved. Not the ideal way to do it, but God had His hand in it even before we were saved. Neither of us are the same as we were back then, and even better suited for each other now than back then.

She is one of the sweetest, most loving and effectionate women you could ever dream of meeting. She is absolutely gorgeous to look at, but better than that... her true inner beauty outshines her outer beauty because of her childlike love for the Father.

When we were 22 years old we were both unregenerate sinners. How could I have ever seen what I see in her now back then? I couldn't, but God could... and He knew she was just what I needed.

(I hope she reads this! lol! ...hi Darlin'!)

But it's all absolutely true!!


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aww how cute KrispyKrittr. =)

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aww how cute KrispyKrittr. =)

Was thinking the same.. :-)


Sandra Miller

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