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 Family Devotions

We have been looking for a new church home for almost a couple of years, we have been visiting a couple, but not ready to make it our home yet. Part of me feels I need to stay out of the church system for a period of time. I don't mean not fellowshipping with other don't scold me! :-) I feel that God may have called me to a place temporarily. In the meantime I wanted to know if anyone has some good ideas for family devotions until we find a place to worship?


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 Re: Family Devotions

Growing up, my mother would wake us kids up a bit earlier so we could read through the books of the Bible, a little bit each morning before we were off to school. We didn't read from cover to cover, but simply picked a book and stuck with it until we finished and then picked another book. The devotions were short, usually only ten or fifteen minutes. A little reading, a little discussing, and a little praying.

On Sunday, when I am home, we gather together and listen to a sermon off the internet and discuss it briefly, and pray.

One morning my dad threw a loop into the system by asking us to quote the stories of redemption through Jesus Christ systematically, starting in Genesis!


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 Re: Family Devotions

God has called my wife and I to leave our fellowship and we have just begun the hunt for a new place to consider a church home. We are a new, young family and have no consistency at all in our lives (a result of school and working in retail). I am a young man who is trying to mature in my study and understanding of God. All this to say that I feel this is a good question because it is one that I am interested in knowing what others do with their families. I have been developing a consistent and meaningful personal study time, but I am finding that many men who do that do not take what God reveals to them to their families like they should.

I don't have an idea for a book, but I have an idea for a time. My mentor and his family (all 11 of them!) have a time of worship at the end of every dinner. They do this even before they do the dishes or start cleaning up. For them, it is a time where they are all home, together and able to settle down and spend some intimate time together with God.

Ben Fuehrer

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You may find the Westminster Assembly's Directory for Family Worship helpful:

[url=]Directory of Family Worship[/url]

Where are you at in TN?

Grace to you,

Taylor Otwell

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