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 From Ray Comfort's site/Amazing

I found this to be amazing.

 2008/11/16 15:05

 Re: From Ray Comfort's site/Amazing

I found this to be truly amazing that this would be on regular TV. Very amazing that it got through the editing etc. I did not see the erst of the particular TV show hoever this was enough of a wonderfull springboard for Ray to use.

 2008/11/16 19:50

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This is a sobering video. I saw it before. This clip bears down upon the reality of eternity that men have a conscience. It also shows us that we need to preach the gospel at all cost and not our opinions. It was amazing to see that this type of skit was on mainstream TV.


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This was good but I wish he had addressed the lady in the video more. I recently shared a video clip of Paul Washer with an online friend and this is some of her response to me.

> As Christians we have a responsibility to make Christianity more friendly, less scary to outsiders

We don't need to tighten our ranks, we need to be more inclusive.

Our church is a "seeker church" and often there are people there that I have to catch myself thinking don't belong in church. This is not how I was brought up, first Catholic, then Lutheran. But people can be comfortable in our church.

they are not made to feel they don't belong there (I hope!)

I have written a response but have not sent it yet. I know it will likely be rejected because I have been where she is. When I first heard the objections to the WOF and seeker friendly churches I didn't understand and I rejected it. What it took for me was months of listening to the truth being preached by men like Washer, Katz, Ravenhill, Carter, and Poonen. And there was no defining moment but after hearing the truth and then going back and listening to the WOF and SF ministers it was like comparing black and white. Please pray for this situation.

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I teach and take out teams to evangelize, and we use the way of the master material when needed. I graduated from the online evangelism school through Ray's ministry, and have found it helpful. It also provides a passion for the lost like never before. I teach on Spirit Led Evangelism at my church. It has been proven to be very successful in our area.

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This is outstanding. There is such a desperate frantic cry for reality depicted in this scene. The dying man is more real then the religious person.

Note how the religious person's solution to guilt was to try and take away the pain of guilt, because she ultimately knew nothing of guilt, repentance, and salvation herself.


Mike Compton

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