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As someone who has lived in America for 18 years, I can ses why Paul Washer's ministry is vital. In regard to the "unsaved,' I totaly agree that it is the Love of God that draws men to Him. We know that "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son."

If you were to walk down the streets of Scotland and ask the average pesrson "Are you a Christian," you would invariably here "no," or "No, I am a Catholic,' or something to that effect. Now, if you were to walk down the average American street and ask the same question, you would hear the reply "yes I am." In fact, according to Barna, almost 90% of Americans claim to be Christians. So, given that fact, and given that, of course that is not true, along comes someone like Paul Washer and address' that problem. Ravenhill claimed that he thought it was more like 2% of Americans that was saved. Even if he was far of, and it was, say 10%, that still leaves 80% of people who are fooling themselves. Perhaps they have been fooled by "cheap grace." Perhaps they simply grew up in the church. Perhaps they "gave their hearts to the Lord," when they were 4 or 5 and but had no clue as to what they were doing. Given this , then you have room for a ministry like Paul Washers..........Frank

 2008/12/25 11:47

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One of my friends spent some time talking to Paul Washer. He mentioned that Brother Washer was very gentle, quiet, and soft spoken when talking to someone personally.

Taylor Otwell

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it is sad people like him, ravenhill, wilkerson, , reidhead etc. our not their material being sold at christian stores, they our to busy selling self help, t.v evangelists, joyce meyer, joel osteen, t.d jakes, hollywood movies, jewelry, fictional books than anything else at these stores and missing out on the men like washer who would help the gospel more than anything. Seriously i think most christians would rather see a movie like facing the giants than a documentary on the doctrine of God or a bible study on scripture. You don't think i am serious go on to and check out the reviews for facing the giants or any movie in particular tat is acted out and then check out the case for the creator on dvd which is a wonderful documentary and it has like 10 reviews compared to the like 400 reviews of facing the giants. I learned so much more from the case for the creator. What i am trying to say is that we have been so caught up in the things of this world like entertainment that we still hold onto them in the christian world. The things that should be the most influentual are not because they our boring. I am sick of people being more interested in christian music and movies and t shirts and completely roll the word of God off to the side and our putting things we our to help us grow in the lord off too. We our commanded to separate from the world, but the problem is their our still goats among the sheeps.So i guess me being sick of it doesn't make sense if their our goats who our like this, you think. Washer and others our not being used in the christian world besides the internet, i wish their messages could get out at like a theatre or something, or a store.

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