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Posted By Joseph_Urban

"The natural origin of the doctrines of financial prosperity originated in the middle of the 1900’s. Their major origin can be attributed to a very famous preacher named Kenneth Hagin (Founder of the Rhema Bible Institute which still promotes these doctrines to this day). He was the first to popularize the doctrine and was the major cause of it’s spread around the world since he was in such an influential position among much of the Charismatic church."

Kenneth Hagin was the charismatic leader who popularized the "word of faith" teaching, but the original thinker was E.W.Kenyon, he was the true father of the modern faith movement. Hagin has been accused of plagiarized Kenyon quotations. D.R. McConnell in his famous book, "A diferent Gospel" gives substantial proves of plagiarism.

Positive confession and "faith" teaching has been expounded by Kenyon long before Hagin made this teaching famous.Kenyon has been accused by McConnell of being influenced by Christian Science and metaphysical thought by christian apologysts, and strange enough there are similiarity of principals between "faith movement" and Christian Science regarding healing.

Did Kenyon and subsequently his disciple Hagin "baptised" Chistians Science and metaphysical concepts and principals unaware into
evangelical teaching?

There has been a trend since the last century among mystical christians to appropriate the technics and methods of eastern religions into christian tradition and teaching. In other word they have "baptized" those technics and used them as means of comunicating with God through prayer of contemplation ,called "contemplative prayer" or "centered prayer". Im talking out of subject but my point is that since the last century unto this day, there has been a trend of appropriating new age movement and easter religions to christian tradition be it among chatholic monks or well known evangelical christians.

No surprize if the word of faith movement and teaching is much indebted to the writtings of E.W. Kenyon, the free will baptist preacher who believed to have rediscouvered the "new type of christianity" through he revelations he received from God.


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Praise the Lord!

La interpretacion de este articulo en Espanol esta completo. (The Spanish translation of this article is now complete!)

There are a lot of Spanish speaking churches in the US who watch the spanish version of TBN (Enlace) and learn these despicable doctrines of demons from the preachers on there. If you know any Spanish speaking Christians you can give them this now.

Here's the link:

Predicadores De Prosperidad:


 2008/11/29 19:28

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