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 A Spiritual Character/Personality Study ... ...

A little while time ago, while studying scripture, the Holy Spirit said to me, "Write down all of the OT and NT characters you most identify with, and why, and I will reveal to you things about yourself you don't yet know" ... So I did, and since then He is ... Much of what I'm learning is from typing in the names on this SI site (and other sermon sites) of the bible character, and then allowing the Holy Spirit to direct me to sermons, etc ...

May the Holy Spirit invite you to do the same thing, and perhaps you will post your favorites also ...

Here is my example of what I wrote down ...


Jehovah = Just the sheer awesomeness of His majesty.

Enoch = First writer/prophet, walked with and translated by God.

Jacob = Determined & persistent, wrestled with God.

Joshua = Conqueror, determined to serve God.

David = Emotional, a man after God's own heart.

Solomon = Intelligent, analytical & wise from God.

Elijah = Powerful prophet, able to shut up heaven, and call down fire, walked with and translated by God.

Jonah = Disobedient & judgemental prophet, attempted to run away from God.

Jeremiah = Stern but compassionate prophet, called of God from the womb.


John the Baptist = Fiery prophet and fore runner of Christ's coming.

Jesus = The ultimate example in pleasing God.

Prodigal Son = True repenter.

Peter = Water walker.

Holy Spirit = Friend, Comforter and ever present companion, the ultimate guide, the ultimate power.

John = Revelation reciever.

Paul = Bold, and a doer.

Two Witnesses = Royal pains to the anti-christ & his system, able to call down fire from heaven.

To God be all the Glory ... Amen

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Hey Rahman

You are a blessing brother!


James Gabriel Gondai Dziya

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Brother James,

i greatly appreciate your sentiment, and accept it in the love of Christ in which it is given ... but as the Spirit of God has just so recently made me finally to understand (how could i have been so blind all these years)? ...

i am nothing ...

we are nothing ...

and if anything but a tool in the hands of the Carpenter from Nazareth (Oh bless His Holy name Jesus) ...

It's our God, thru us, that's the blessing to one another, and the world ...

As Sis Chanin so rightly promotes, i/we must decrease, and He must increase ...

He alone is the source of every good and perfect gift ...

i feel so free now that I'm crippled by Him! ...

There is no freedom in Christ without His crippling touch, after that comes the peace of i can do nothing
apart from Christ ...

i am so happy to be nothing! ...

i am so happy that He is everything ...

What comes to mind to describe the feeling i have right now is when Allister Cooke said in "The Christmas Carol" ... "i'm as giddy as a schoolboy" ...

"i am nothing ... Jehovah is everything ... i am nothing ... Jesus is everything ... i am nothing ... the Holy Ghost is everything" ...

Can you imagine a Church full of "nothings" who point to our God as "everything"?

The time is coming! ... Bless God! ... That time is coming!

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