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 I have a question about this whole pagan god and saviours

I have read what lee strobels book the real case for the real jesus says about the pagan saviours like mithra, attis, osiris, zeus, dionysis, spelled the last one wrong. Anyways he asks a scholar who knows about it pretty good. The thing is he dates most of them at the time of Jesus or after the first century, and a small amount before Christ. When i talk to nonbelievers they our set and stone that christianity did steal or borrow ideas from pagans, which i disagree because they seem to forget that christianity is derived from the old testament, Jesus fulfills the prophecies of the old testament. They seem to think the dates for the pagan saviours and greek Gods our earlier than what most christian scholars say they our. I know their being misinformed or hearing a different side of it. Does anyone know this. I want to defend our faith against these lies of dead Gods who our not doing anything for anyone like our Jesus who is still working today.

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 Re: I have a question about this whole pagan god and saviours

Hi John,

How are you doing ?

I have run across this question myself before and wondered what the answer was to it. I've never really spent much time looking into it, though.

I just had a look on the internet and found an interesting article that might provide at least part of the answer to this question.

Here's a paragraph that stood out to me from the article, as well a link to the article itself :

"As you can see, there is no need for any of the Christian writers to borrow from anything other than the Old Testament source in order to establish any Christian doctrine concerning Jesus. If the argument that pagan mythologies predated Christian teachings and therefore Christianity borrowed from them is true, then it must also be truth that the pagan religions borrowed from the Jewish religion because it is older than they are! Given that all of the Christian themes are found in the Old Testament and the Old Testament was begun around 2000 B.C. and completed around 400 B.C., we can then conclude that these pagan religions actually borrowed from Jewish ideas found in the Old Testament. Think about it, the idea of a blood sacrifice and a covering for sin is found in the first three chapters of Genesis when God covered Adam and Eve with animals skins and prophesied the coming of the Messiah."

In Jesus,

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Awesome great article. That is much needed and i will look into it more because i really am sick and tired of all these lies people say our fact about our faith.Yah the virgin birth in genesis 3 15 is a great one.Yiu never see anyone putting these accusations up and actually showing you in the writings of these pagans stories where they match up with whats in our writings. Why because they our totally different most of the time. They tell this garbage to people on t.v and in universities, its time us christians take a stand, i already am emailing people these facts and speaking to others about it.

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