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 M'Cheyne Calendar - RSS Feeds

I've been using the M'Cheyne Calendar for Daily Bible readings for many years (~15+ years).

For many years, I used a paper copy of the M'Cheyne Calendar. My first copies came from BOT and later from Chapel Library/MtZion church.

More recently, I've been tracking my reading using an RSS feed that I set up using Ben Edginton's web page at:

This simple web page allows you to configure your own RSS feed for any time zone using a variety of popular Bible translations. The RSS feed can then be used from a number of RSS Reader services like, Microsoft Outlook, and I currently use with the Blackberry phone that I'm privileged to own and use. I configure my RSS feed to come in 9 hours early (before the start of the next day) so that I have the option to read ahead to the next day's selections. Each of the four M'Cheyne readings for the day comes in as its own item in the RSS feed. In MS Outlook and, the items easily stay available indefinitely until I complete the reading and delete the item.

If I miss some readings, they wait for me until I can catch up and get to them. (In my earlier days, if I missed some readings, I didn't go back but just got started again with the current day's readings.) I sometimes enjoy being able to read several consecutive chapters from the same book of the Bible when I'm catching up.

I, too, have experienced the Bible passages from the M'Cheyne Calendar selections for the day matching well with my own needs and state of heart and have thanked Almighty God for giving that evidence of His Work in my life. :-).


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