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 Religious vs. Kingdom Mindset

Religious vs. Kingdom Mindset

Yesterday, my wife was talking with one of the elders in our church. She was telling him how God had moved/lead her to fast for some things.

He told her that her she has a religious mindset and that anyone who claims to have any burden for the Lord has a religious mindset.

He said that God want us to have a "kingdom" mindset. We are to pray quickly and give to God and then don't pray about it again, trusting God. He said that everything is already done in the kingdom (heaven) and so we really don't need to pray about things too much.

She told him that not what the bible teaches, but he really did not want to hear it.

I think his "belief" is unbiblical.

Luke 18, Jesus taught us the parable of the persistent widow so we wouldn't give up praying. James 4, says we have not because we ask not. And I give much more support.

What do you think?

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 Re: Religious vs. Kingdom Mindset

We pray and we pray and we pray and we pray, expecting that God hears us and answers us according to His will and purposes.

When should we stop praying? Or put another way, if burdened by God to pray, when is appropriate?

Do we pray once for our unsaved friends to find God? Do we pray only once that His Church becomes the fullness it ought to be? Do we pray only once that our lives may be made continually more into the image of Christ?


If burdened, keep praying and do not stop until either the prays are answered, the burden is lifted or you get the assurance that God has heard you and the answer is on its way. Faith that 'once is enough' must never be confused with faith that God is able.

Jamie Adam

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 Re: Religious vs. Kingdom Mindset

I've heard such a teaching before as well. I think such a teaching comes from the so-called "Word of Faith" movement than anything. Indeed, Luke 18 teaches we ought to be persistent in our prayers. Indeed, the widow "wore out" the unrighteous judge with her petitions. Likewise, God invites us to "wear out" Him with our petitions. I think such a "pray once then thank God for what you prayed for" is a pseudo-spirituality than a Biblical one. Indeed, if we wanted to quote the Lord elsewhere, we could support the idea that we shouldn't pray at all, after all, "the Lord knows what we have need of" before we even do!

Such a mindset as your elder advised, while I understand where he is coming from, simply doesn't stand in the tradition once and for all handed down to the saints. Indeed, the history of the Church shows that God rewards the persistent prayers of His saints. For coming to God time and time again is an act of faith and humility that recognizes all things are in His hands, and that He alone will provide and meet our every need. It says we are powerless to do anything on our own, and acknowledges that God is in control and that God is able to respond.

This should not be confused with the "vain repetitions" of the Gentiles that Jesus warned about, for the Gentiles thought they would be heard for their many words. In other words, they prayed in repetition because they think their prayers were answered BECAUSE OF their many words, instead of an abandoned trust in the God who is able.

I hope this helps you.

Jimmy H

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 Re: Religious vs. Kingdom Mindset

Well, you hit the nail on the head, his 'belief' is unbiblical.

It's tragic when someone will downplay the scriptures and hold their own views above scripture. It's called self-deception, and I would not listen to anyone like that, and I would question their salvation.

Jesus Himself set the pattern for prayer, spending 40 days in the wilderness, going to mountains to pray, John 8v1, and to the garden of Gethsemane, John 18v2.

The book of Acts has many instances of prayer and fasting.

And what about scriptures like 1 Thess 5v17, 'Pray without ceasing.' And also Ephesians 6v18, 'praying always with all prayer...'

What does it mean to give it to God and don't ask for it again? Where is that in scripture?

I have heard and read of George Muller who prayed for 60 years for a friend's salvation, who finally got saved about 3 weeks after Muller died.

Going by scripture, you and your wife are on the right track, if God has given you a burden, obey Him, not those who seem to reject His word.

God bless.

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 Re: Religious vs. Kingdom Mindset


LoveGodsWay2 wrote:

He said that God want us to have a "kingdom" mindset. We are to pray quickly and give to God and then don't pray about it again, trusting God. He said that everything is already done in the kingdom (heaven) and so we really don't need to pray about things too much.

It is amazing to me how many on here have this mindset about the eternal souls of men. They say the elect has already been decided and they will be saved no matter what. The others will be going to hell. They are saying the same things, it already been done in the kingdom and there is nothing we can do about it.

Paul didn't have this attitude though because he was always praying and doing everything possible to try to see more people saved. He was also warning people not to fall from grace.

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 Re: Religious vs. Kingdom Mindset

If we truly understood the heart of Our Heavenly
Father and His care for us, we would know that
we cannot weary Him with our prayers. He longs
for us to cast our cares and bring all our
burdens and needs before Him in prayer. The
Father never tires of His own children coming
to Him in faith. Prayer must be persistent
and prevailing. Keep asking, Keep seeking,
Keep knocking, Keep praying !!

Martin G. Smith

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 Re: Religious vs. Kingdom Mindset

I think your church elder has a presumptious faith and doesnt really follow kingdom now theology. In its truest form kingdom now theology basically means that we follow the laws and precepts of the Kingdom of Heaven (that however has long be perverted)....., however we really wouldn't need to pray "thy kingdom come thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven....", if his thinking was correct. So even in the kingdom theology there are weaknesses (flaws), unfortunately we are all still pilgrams and strangers in a foriegn land. :-( I guess the only real answer is to be a cross carrying christ one as your wife was displaying, probably best for her not to mention her secret things done before the Lord to him anymore, less headaches.


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