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Discussion Forum : General Topics : David Bercot books, read any?

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I recently read some of Bercots articles etc... In many ways I think they are astonishing, especially concerning moral practices among the early church, which have affirmed me in things I believe for a long time but struggled to live up to, because everybody around me didn´t bother about it (for example refusing worldly entertainment, sports etc...)...
Now reading some of the reviews on amazon, I was quite shocked: Many people talk as if David Bercot would speak out for joining the Catholic or Orthodox Church...Is that true??? If so, I really have to consider if I would continue reading anything of his works, because in my opinion those churches truly are full of heresy and idolatry...

 2012/2/11 9:04Profile

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Maybe there reviewers are getting their toes stepped on? When this happens they will often times work to discredit the speaker.

Just know that truth is not popular.

I think Bercot has a very interesting perspective of things. By training he is an attorney. This may help you understand his approach to history...

God bless.

Sandra Miller

 2012/2/11 9:31Profile


The kingdom that turned the world upside down is a must read for the factual information contained in it. I had no idea the history of Constantine and Rome before reading this book. I just knew something was wrong with popular Christendom and it didn't look much like the New Testament. With that said, the brother does sometimes go overboard in the other direction. I have a copy of will the real heretics please stand up, but haven't read it after seeing how he over-generalizes and exaggerates those of opposing viewpoints.

 2012/2/11 20:59

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