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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 14 days until the Atlanta, Georgia Revival Conference

14 days until the Atlanta, Georgia Revival Conference

Eloquent, learned, Sculptural, impassioned, faithful and courageous, Apollos had no Gospel. Carefully trained, well instructed, a courageous learner, and an effective teacher, he had no vision. Skilled in definition, powerful in debate, earnest in advocacy, he had no power. The colleges had given him of their best, but they left him ignorant of things vital and destitute of the Holy Spirit.

To Paul’s keen eye there was something wanting…The people under the preaching of Apollos were upright in life, devout in spirit, faithful in service, and yet without the Holy Spirit.

Their religion was a strict, external observance, not an Indwelling Presence. They lived by rule, not by illumination. God saves from within; they disciplined themselves from without. Religion to them was a joyless burden, for they carried their God on their backs instead of in their hearts. -Samuel Chadwick


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