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 prayer for my friend keith fo rhis salvation

I have been discipling my friend keith who is seeking God for a long time now. He is afraid to dedicate his life to christ because he thinks God might not answer him. He told me that he had cried out to God many times for years without answers. I have told him to pickup the Bible and start reading it, he doesn't read it, i told him the Lord will speak through it o him if he pleases but continue on until he does. He wants to know the Lord and repent, please pray that the Lord comes to him and that he surrenders to him. I care for him so much.

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 Re: prayer for my friend keith fo rhis salvation

Praying. We are on solid praying ground here because it is the will of God that man know Him.

Maybe you did not quite mean what you wrote. [u]Good for Keith for not surrendering to one he does not yet know/has not met[/u].

First you know Him. There is an order in Phi. 3:10. Concern about prayers being answered evaporates. PS forget about prayer that relates to God as an errand-boy. That God does not exist. The point of the written down Bible is that man should know God. That’s also a really big point of the Word of God being made flesh. Reading and hearing is for knowing Him. He reveals himself exactly as needed to each person. Repentance and surrender follow continuously as we know Him "more".

If the prayer fear is that God will not answer his prayer to be saved. That is healthy. In revival people cry, “Is there mercy for me?” The answer is yes but still they cry. Listen to eyewitness accounts of this on this site. The fact that he cares and fears, that is very hopeful. He must know something of God. Check out if what he “knows” of God is Truth or a lie.

But maybe you did not quite mean what you wrote. Just some thoughts. The accounts of revival can teach us. God cuts to the heart of it. Sticking points are revealed and delt with.

Please forgive my quick speaking which can lead to poor communication of truth and misunderstanding. Prayer is what you asked for and that is enough.

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I did mean what i said, he thinks that he is saved just because he feels bad when he does something wrong and because he asks forgiveness. But he doesn't read the Bible and still is wondering if God is out their by our discussions for the past 6 months. We were talking about the holy spirit and he has a big misunderstanding about it. He says that he doesn't see a problem having another life than God even if your saved, he doesn't se God being a 24/7 thing. He doesn't think it would be sins to play video games or watching sports. Maybe their not sins to do those but my point to him is when the holy spirit comes in you that you really our cleaned out by the holy spirit to the point where you might not want the things of this world like he does now. When the Lord came into my life it was exactly how it said the old creation is gone and the new has come. I lost interest in t.v and video games and getting anything from anyone. My desires were only about God, if i was working the Lord was with me, if i was talking the Lord was with me, if i did anything for anyone the Lord was with me. My point is that you have no choice what the holy spirit does or cleanses from you. He had said a prayer to be saved years ago but this year he came to me telling me how he didn't know if God still existed and he doubts all of this so much but he wants to believe. So right now we our good where he is at. He understands now the holiness of God and why Jesus had to die for him by Gods nature he has to destroy sin. He knows a lot and i have explained to him so much. Now its all about God opening his eyes and him coming to the cross. I am so excited, but i'm still waiting for the Lord to come to him. I told him i am not going to tell him to say a prayer to be saved or tell him he is saved, i will have no part in having someone believe their saved when they might not. I care about his soul. I did mean what i said, i was asking for prayer request that the Lord would open his eyes and ears to be saved.

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