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 Street Preaching Dream

I had a dream last night, and I think it might be from the Lord. If anybody can make sense of it, that'd be great. Perhaps it was (literally so) just the pizza I had late last night. But, this is not exactly the first time I've had a dream like this.

This dream is a little choppy, but here we go:

I found myself in a city that I am not familiar with. I saw a teen sitting down, and went up to him and started to witness to him.
He said he was a United Methodist, and had made a $1000 donation to the church. I said that didn't really mean anything in the long run.

Then I found myself standing before a large group of people preaching many were teens many of them were Jews at that. How I knew they were Jews, i don't know, but I knew they were. Many people were listening to me preach but nobody was responding to the message's appeal. They either got angry or walked away.

Then I found myself standing outside a building, and started preaching again and some guy interupted me and asked me if i knew some other guy that preached in that area. He was an older black gentleman, and said he was a United Pentecostal.

After conversing with him another minute, and feeling somewhat awkward, I found myself in a somewhat run down building in the city and I was preaching to some children in this building then for some reason I got angry, and snapped one of their crayons in half and tore up a piece of paper.

I started walking out and the man at the door stopped me and asked if I knew I was in a muslim school, and I said no. Then I mentioned to him that I was also preaching to others earlier, including some Jews.

That was the end of the dream. I don't know if this was of God or not. I will probably end up just putting this on the shelf and waiting to see what happens.

Jimmy H

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