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 Re: Recruitment for Yahoo Answer's evangelism team.

Just some thoughts. Please feel free to use them or discard them.

Do you really feel that going through Yahoo answers is the best way if one wants to help through the internet?

There are quite a number that go to forums to find their answers and they do get discouraged when encountering rude Christians etc.

Maybe it would be better to get hold of these people that go through forums and correspond with them through pm and email (and away from forums)--in a way handholding them. Also, it gives one a feel as to the person's personality, their way of thinking etc before helping them.

Or alternatively, start your own forum where you have control over the posts and invite certain people over to witness to them. I think that's the most efficient and effective way to go through the internet as good posts are stored for anyone to read in the future without having to retype them out. It also allows only you alone to man the forum if you can't find anybody else as you won't be unduly burdened with time constraints etc. You can't do that in open forums as reading through the posts, quite a few non-Christians may be turned off and things can get out of hand at times especially since anybody can reply. That's why you need your own forum.

Helping over the internet tends to be very time consuming and one has to pick one's plans carefully.


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 Re: Recruitment for Yahoo Answer's evangelism team.

Hello, David.

I would like to comment on something you wrote:

There is what you call a "top contributor". That is the contributor who has accumulated the most points through sheer number's of answer's and also being chosen for the best answer's. Specifically, in this situation we are talking about being the top contributor in the religion section. As of now a "staunch" Catholic hold's the position. I would rather fundamental Christian's hold the position. If you do get to this position you get a reputation and many more people value and respect your answer's.

You said this is a [i]secular[/i] website in which you are trying to get a good reputation, so people would be more likely to listen to your answers. This means that the people who rate your answers are going to be mostly [i]worldly[/i] people, that is people who are opposed to God and the Gospel. Now, do you expect these people to accept your answers and to give you good evaluations? Unless you preach another, man-centered gospel, you will never be accepted and rated highly by the world.

The Lord Jesus was rejected by men and killed (He had a BAD reputation), the Aposles were rejected and killed--then why should WE expect to earn the world's affection? Especially when the Lord tells us: "And you will be hated by all for My name's sake" (Luke 21:17). In fact, we don't need people's approval and we shouldn't be looking for it (even in the name of evangelism). If we do seek it, then we're trying to please men rather than God. If we rely on men's approval, then we trust in ourselves (our charm, our charisma, our reputation) and not in God. Because the Lord doesn't need the world's high rating of his people in order to attract people to Himself.

Of course, we should be blameless before Him and before men also, giving them nothing in which they may rightfully accuse us. But this has nothing to do with secular ratings. Do we act in the sight of men or in the sight of God? Do we keep the commandments of Christ or the unwritten rules of the world?

So, David, if you sincerely seek to do the will of God, then you should repent of even trying to win the affection of people this way [i]in order to[/i] peddle the Gospel. This is manipulation and hypocrisy, which cannot but undermine and ruin your Christian witness. You may have counted this high "contribution" and "reputation" gain for yourself (so you could reach out to more lost people), but it is loss for Christ, who alone must be glorified.

If you are speaking the word of God in truth, then this word in your mouth should be powerful enough. You don't need to put a suit on, you don't need to speak perfect English, you don't need to attract any attention to yourself altogether. Men may look at ourward appearance, but God looks at the heart. God is more concerned not with the quantity of our witnessing, but with the quality--that in word and deed and thought we present the adequate reality of the Lord Jesus in us. So that people will then see we are another breed of people, who are not just preaching their church's creed, but are powerfully living it...

But in order for this to happen, you need to get out of the way, denying your well-designed agendas, your good thoughts and ideas, and your natural cleverness and wisdom---deny your very self--and yield solely to the Lord Jesus Christ, so He can give you His agenda, His thoughts, and His wisdom which no man can contradict. Then the Holy Spirit may even say to you, "Don't preach the Gospel in Yahoo!" and send you somewhere else. And you must obey. But first you must be in a position to hear the voice of the Lord, just like Moses, when God called him out of the burning bush, who said: "Here I am."

So don't worry about how many (or few) people you are going to reach out to and hook--or how many you are going to recruit for your cause. Worry that you first are reached and hooked by the Lord Himself. For if you are, you will surely bear much fruit.

 2008/9/22 15:30

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