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Joined: 2008/9/18
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 Hi all ...

Hi, I have downloaded lots of sermons from SI in the past that have been very helpful, thank you Lord (and SI) for such a great resource. Being feeling lately I should get involved with the online discussion.

The direction of my life was really turned around seven years ago when I encountered the Holy Spirit in a more powerful and empowering way, and I also began a journey out of postmodern paralysis, into a more traditional evangelical view of evangelism (particularly through the works John Wesley, Edwards, Finney, Spurgeon etc).

I felt called to leave secular work and to enter part-time ministry and theological study a few years later and it has been a very eventful, incredibly encouraging but sometimes a very rocky road since! I am so grateful to God for the privilege of being involved with street evangelism, discipling new Christians and pastoral work, and the healing ministry.

I feel I may be able to gain much from the many insights people can offer on this forum and their different experiences. I am a Pentecostal Arminian (hopefully this helps you know where I am coming from) and it is great to discuss evangelism and revival on SI with others who have similar passions and interests, but diverse backgrounds and theological perspectives!

Chris :-)


 2008/9/19 0:22Profile

 Re: Hi all ...

Hey Chris... welcome to SI! I'm a quasi-Pentecostal/Baptist Calvinsitic Arminian. Now you know where I am coming from! lol

You're gonna love it here, my brother.


 2008/9/19 7:27

 Re: Hi all ...

Welcome, Chris!

May the Lord bless the time you spend on here and make it edifying and profitable to your walk with God.

~Joy :)

 2008/9/19 10:08

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