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 Re: Good revival theology???

I recommend "Why Revival Tarries" and the sequel "Revival God's Way" by our beloved Leonard Ravenhill

There is also a third book to this set of Ravenhill's books, it is called "Revival Praying."


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Great books suggested so far... wonderful study... just make sure we're seeking to have what God wants, not just an experience that makes our skin prickle...

If you just want an experience like that, its an idol and God can't give "revival" to an idolater. Like Ravenhill said "Anything you love more than Jesus Christ is an idol- I don't care what it is."

Lets pray like they did in Acts so many times... for the furtherance of the Gospel, and hey if the "experiences" and tingly feelings come, great. But we're in this for His glory, not a neat story ;)

Thanks for all the suggestions and for bringing up this topic. I'll be getting my hands on some of these books.

God bless you all. Keep Jesus first!


"Sometimes we want to write history, but lets just let Him write His-Story."


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In total agreeement with AbideinHim, when we pray for 'Your kingdom come," we are praying for revival.

Recently, the church I attend did a series on One Prayer. The question, 'if you could pray for one thing, what would it be.' There were several things mentioned and fearfully there was no suggestion for His Kingdom to come.
Yet, this one prayer idea could be a consideration for us now in Christiandom, not a one prayer theme but One goal. What is our purpose, as blood bought brothers and sisters, in this earth? Is it to separate ourselves and keep distance because we disgree on terminology or such? No, rather, as Paul said, "I determined to know nothing among you but Jesus Christ and Him crucified." (NASB)
My one prayer is that we could join together, in the face of our diferences and determine to know Him, to seek His face.

Have you ever wondered why there so much fighting in the World? The world talks about peace, peace, but there is no peace. Why? Because when they come together they fight about the solutions to peace. Then it erupts into World Wars...

How alike to that are we in the church. We quarrel and fight...proud in heart, esteeeming ourselves over each other.

O God, save us from our quarrels and conflicts among us (James 4:1). Verse 6 says grace is given to the humble. O, God, how we need humble men and women...Your face is turned away from the proud. Send a revival of Humility!


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 Re: Good revival theology???

Bonar, Horatius True Revival and the Men God Uses

Bonar was a powerful soul-winner and well qualified to pen this brief, but illuminating study of the character of true revivalists.

Edwards, Jonathan A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections in Three Parts

This work is of immense value today to both those who decry the expression of any emotions in Christian experience, as well as those who equate emotional expressions as the only evidence of true spirituality.
Edwards, Jonathan The Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God

The 'Distinguishing Marks,' published in 1741, was based on a sermon Jonathan Edwards preached in Boston during the Great Awakening which spread through New England and the British Isles.

Finney, Charles G. Lectures on Revivals of Religion

Arguably one of the most exhaustive analytical studies of revival that has ever been penned by an authentic revivalist. 'In spite of its controversial nature, the influence exerted by this book on revival movements has been unique, especially chapters I-VII.' Arthur Wallace.

Fish, Henry C. Handbook Of Revivals For the Use of Winners of Souls

With unrelenting zeal for God the writer systematically deals with every conceivable Revival-related issue, covering such themes as Objections, Evangelists, Children, Hindrances, Preaching, Prayer, Handling Inquirers and Training Converts, as he carries the reader through to a place of personal decision to stand within the ranks of history’s Revivalists. A great book!
Murray, Andrew Revival

Some deep insights into the dynamics of revival from the pen of a man whose ministry lives on through his numerous spiritual and devotional writings

Payne, Thomas Revivals - How Promoted; or Channels of Blessing

Reflections on some personal and historical revivals designed to encourage the church to engage in seeking God for fresh waves of revival power.

Penn-Lewis, Jessie War on the Saints

A chapter from her famous 'War on the Saints' dealing with the dawn of revival and the polace of the Baptism in the Spirit.

Sprague, William B. Lectures on Revivals of Religion

Some arguably claim this to be the most important lectures on revival ever published in America. It is certainly a very significant book from the reformed tradition.

Wallis, Arthur In The Day of Thy Power

Arthur Wallis was a great Christian statesman whose work on Revival, 'In The Day Of Thy Power,' was, and still is, the most insightful and helpful work on the Biblical principles and dynamics of Revival ever written.


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