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Southwest England, UK

 Your favourite preacher?

Personally I enjoy listening to John Piper for his depth and intensity, to Wayne Grudem for his insightful and very systematic approach and I've been listening to and got to read some of Jonathan Edwards - he appears to have been very annointed without coming across as an intellectual though I'm sure he was...

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 Re: Your favourite preacher?

So you want to know who is my favorite preacher? Mind if I share a word of caution here?

I used to have favorite preachers: I placed them on a pedestal and what he said was very authoritative. But, God intervened because I had placed undue confidence in him. This preacher occupied in my mind a place reserved only for God. I repented and have since then accepted the fact that there is no perfect preacher in the sense that he deserves so much TRUST. This then frees me to challenge him if I believe it needs to be done! and they all need this from their 'followers'.

Hope I did not discourage you because there are faithful men/preachers out there. Thank God for them and pray for them that they would remain faithful; just do not put undue confidence in them. Listen to what he says and then compare it with the Word. The Bereans were called noble because they did this. Today you are called much less flattering names if you do so, but that is to be expected.

God bless you..


Sandra Miller

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its true that we should never place any man on a pedestal, or think of them infallable.
but to answer the question as to my favorite preacher, that is too hard to answer, because I have favorite preachers for different reasons, some because of there exegisis skills, others for how they make me ponder my relationship with God, but to narrow it down in no particular order..

Ravenhill, and Son David.
Paul Washer,
Keith Daniel,
Carter Conlon,
Ravi Zacherias.
John Wesley.
These are some of my favorites, not a complete list, but probably some of my most favorite ones.


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Ravi Zacherias

Hate to pop your bubble... but this man is a compromiser. He refused to pray in the name of Jesus at the National Day of Prayer event. He has also spoken inside the LDS Temple in Salt Lake City during an event which was aimed at brining Mormons and Christians together in fellowship.

I really hate to bring that up, but I do so as a warning... not a criticism. This has all been discussed here before on many different threads.


 2008/9/12 8:32

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I frequently listen to John Piper and Paul Washer, both for expositional content and their good examples in modest, fervent ministry. I used to listen to a lot more preachers, but lately I mostly read books. If I listen to sermons by someone besides my pastor, it's these two 90% of the time.

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 Re: Your favourite preacher?

Art Katz

Zac Poonen

T Austin Sparks

A W Tozer

oh! i edit this in, recently i have been very blessed and challenged by Dean Taylor, there is a man we all should listen more to


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Miami, FL

 Re: Your favourite preacher?

Leonard Ravenhill!

Listening to him helped me alot when i came to Christ. Great man of God, fearless and bold.

Paris Riedhead is also an amazing preacher but i dont know about him too much just read ten shekels and a shirt and it forever impacted me


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Paul West

Josh Parsley

Mike Balog

Greg Gordon

Eli Brayley

Jesse Morrell

Jeffrey Olver

Kerrigan Skelly

Evan Schiable

Miles Lewis


A.W. Tozer

Watchman Nee

Jeremiah Burroughs

Oh I could go on forever there! :-)

Why do we have to look back anyway, we have plenty of great preachers in our day? :-( :-D

 2008/9/12 21:06

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 Re: Your favourite preacher?

Jesus first, and then Paul the Apostle.

Blessings Greg


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B.H. Clendenen, David Wilkinson, Carter Conlon.
Robert Weaver.
I follow Preachers only as they follow Christ.
God Bless all,

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