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Rochester, New York

 What's wrong with these prophets/teachers?

Che Ahn - Randy Clark - Bill Johnson - Robert Stearns - Joseph Askins

can anybody help me know if they are false teachers?


Doug Renz

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 Re: What's wrong with these prophets/teachers?

I know nothing about these folks, so I wouldn't be the person to answer your question, but, when I see someone who says "opening the portals of healing" on the front page I wonder where they would get such an erroneous idea.

I have found that when humanity, regardless of who they are, claim to be in the position of moderator for what Christ alone has accomplished, they have somewhere found another message that I do not find in scripture.

Extra scriptural messages are, to me, as damaging as unscriptural messages. Far too many people try to concoct some scriptural stand for what they think and feel, when in reality I don't think God needs any help in what He would "really" be trying to speak to people.

Hebrews 10:10-23

There are so many things in this life to be concerned with: human beings are dying in the bonds of sin every day; families are torn apart by all sorts of evil, selfish ways; too many young men and young women are led astray by feeble deceptions and led down a road of futility; too many older folks are swept up into a cycle of regret and wasting; churches are floundering either trying to keep their doors open or trying the world's methods of "success"; people around the world are suffering in poverty, disease and starvation that, I can in no way comprehend with my mind; others are sacrificing everything they have, respect, family, freedom and even life to maintain this place of salvation they found in Christ.

So in light of these things, I say that regardless of their "false" standpoint, those that purport extra scriptural statements such as was on that website, are groping in a foolish bucket to find a fish (in other words: wasting their time and the time of others).

I apologize if I carried on too much, please forgive me for my lack of briefness.

In Christ,

Lori Salyer

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 Re: What's wrong with these prophets/teachers?

I can't check out the link, but I think Che Ahn was part of the Toronto Blessing. That's about all I know. :-)


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I just journeyed thru the website... I would stay away from them.

On there you will find an article about Todd Bentley where he expresses his great joy at the so-called "Revival", and attempts to explain why it "failed". While I respect his thoughts that it lacked order and authority, what he misses is that NOT ONE healing was ever verified. And also Bentley was under authority... that of Rick Joyner and Morning Star Ministries, and also of Bob Jones. Both are gross false teachers, and are not prophets of God. Especially Jones. Maybe it's because he "prophecied" over me when I was deceived by all that junk... but I admit I have a certain amount of contempt for that man. I dont hate him, I feel sorry for him... and my blood boils whenever I see him or hear his name mentioned. It's a righteous anger when I think of the people he has fooled and led down the path to destruction.

Also on this website you will find links to Rick Joyner, as well as a whole host of WOF'ers and those who push the Latter Rain & Manifest Sons of God heresies.

In my opinion there are no prophets of God in the manner that these people portray themselves. Prophets of God today are those who stand behind the pulpit and expostorily (is that a word?? lol) proclaim the Word of God. There are NO new revelations of God outside of what is already written. The Holy Spirit will reveal His Word to you at the appropriate times as you grow in the Lord... but He is not giving a "fresh word for today". His Holy Word is fresh [b]every day[/b]!

His Word is the bread of life, but some of these jokers treat it like it's "day old" bread. It isnt!

RUN... dont walk... away from these snakes.


 2008/9/3 15:12

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 Re: What's wrong with these prophets/teachers?

What's wrong ...

Far too much. I would stay as far away as you possibly can from any of this. The only useful purpose would be to demonstrate what all of this amounts to ...

It is a self serving, self promoting and self defending lot. I do not know if I have yet read a piece so throughly self-exposing as;


From the get go it is deluding, the thought that there is a "Apostle" committee with ruling members and what other self serving vernacular is used is beyond the stretch of credulity not less the test of scripture. Further back than that is the idea of this whole 'apostle' construct with Mr. Wagner at it's helm in the first place.

Vain imaginations at it's worse (or best).

Mike Balog

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 Re: SELF-exposing

Amen, Amen, and AMEN again!

Could it be that that stronghold of imaginations that lift themselves up against the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD will soon be torn down? Oh, Father. The whole of it.

It is amazing that they do not see that they reveal their deception in every word! Just like the author of the shack, and in the emergent church interviews.

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Ever looked closely at the Tolkin allegory,lord of the rings?

The three main tools satan uses against the men of God are:

The gold

the girls

The glory

Sometimes we have to watch out.These snares are real and constant.We are the prey


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 Re: What's wrong with these prophets/teachers?


sonofadam777 wrote:

Che Ahn - Randy Clark - Bill Johnson - Robert Stearns - Joseph Askins

can anybody help me know if they are false teachers?



Can we get your thoughts about these people mentioned.

I have looked at the site you and read all the posts as well as the link to the letter. I could advice you on what I think but I would like to encourage you to go with the check you have.

Colin Murray

 2008/9/4 15:40Profile

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