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 Oh, to know the love of Christ toward us

Beloved brothers and sisters,

I encourage you to spend a couple of months reading Matthew Henry's commentary on Song of Solomon on your knees in the prayer closet. God has greatly used Matthew Henry's Exposition on Song of Solomon to reveal that my Saviors love for me is eternally and infinitely greater than for those who will perish in hell. Read and study that book and God will manifest himself to you with great discoveries of His love for you.

The day that I realized that God's love for me (His bride) is infinitely and eternally greater than His love for those who perished in hell, brought me to weeping for days.

I was like a bride who was being told by modern preachers, "your husband loves you the same way he loves all women." Now I know he has loved me with an everlasting love. He gave His Son for me.

Dear child of God, if that does not make you weep... you have yet to discover greater depths of His love for you.

Oh, how this modern trend made the love of Christ toward His bride so shallow.

I know that God hates all workers of iniquity and that His holy hatred and wrath abides on them forever in hell. When someone tells me that God loves me just as much as he loves them... Oh, this robbed me of any assurance to know that He has loved me (His bride) with an everlasting love!

You can read Henry's exposition here. I encourage you to print it and read in the prayer closet.


Abraham Juliot

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 Re: Oh, to know the love of Christ toward us

I fully agree!! Most amazing to taste the sweetness of Christ love for us. This was one of book I read whenI came to know Christ, it was so powerful then, and even more today. Christ Love is deep for His own. What love is this? For he loved me frist, if had not loved me would I have loved Him? This wonderful truth that He loves me the same no matter what I do or what i don't is huge and such a blessing everyday of my life.

thanks brother for posting this


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 Re: Oh, to know the love of Christ toward us

Beloved Abraham

This is Divine Truth. Most Cherished.

John knew. (and said, “the disciple whom Jesus loved”)

Maybe you have come across the testimony of men that God has met deeply that speak of the overwhelming waves of Deep Love. They knew.

Such things should be whispered: “Abraham, the one whom Jesus loved.”

Made for His pleasure

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