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 It is Finished

Does anyone have the Words to the Song, "It
is Finished?"
Please either pm me, or post them, if you do.
God Bless

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 Re: It is Finished

I'm not sure if you already got these, I just found my hymnal that had them in it, it is a Gaither hymnal and occasionaly a word or two is changed, but a pastor friend of ours used to sing it all the time, the words are very worth reading again!

There's a line that's been drawn through the ages, on that line stands the old rugged cross; On that cross a battle is raging, for the gain of man's soul or his loss.

On one side march the forces of evil, all the demons and devils of hell; on the other the angels of glory, and they meet there on Golgotha's hill.

Chorus: "It is finished!", the battle is over. It is finished there will be no more war, it is finished, the end of the conflict, it is finished and Jesus is Lord.

THe earth shakes with the force of the conflict, and the sun refuses to shine; for the hangs God's Son in the balance, and then through the darkness He cries:
(chrous) It is finished!

Yet in my heart the battle is raging, not all prisoners of war have come home; they were battlefields of my own making I didn't know that the war had been won.
Then I heard that the King of the Ages had fought all the battles for me; and that victory was mine for the claiming and now, praise His name I am free!

Hope that's the one you were looking for.


Lori Salyer

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Joined: 2004/4/5
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Thanks so very much,Lorie.
I plan on singing it, and have sung the Chorus at the Nursing Home, but didn't know the Verses.
I know it is mainly sung at Easter, but to me it is appropiate at any time.
God Bless you.

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