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 Google Ads


I was just wondering how much revenue the Google Ads on the forum was generating. I don't want to know the figures at all, but I wondered if they are critical to supporting this ministry financially.

I ask because, being contextual chosen by Google, it seems that a lot of dubious adverts get put up quite a lot.

We can of course be discerning ourselves but I know that the moderators of the forums are quite diligent to remove unwholesome links from posts, so I wondered if maybe we should do the same with the adverts, if at all possible.

For example, the advert on this page now is:

"Sermons to Bring Revival" - Spirit Filled Sermon Outlines Motivate Your Church Toward Revival.

If you take a look at the site ( you may find it as scary as I did. Pre-prepared sermons for 'busy pastors'.

I offer this suggestion humbly.


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 Re: Google Ads

Thanks brother.

Will pass this along to Greg when he returns. I am pretty sure there is a way to manage these. I do not know that they generate all that much ...
Nevertheless, have had some other mentions as well. (Not as graciously truth be told).

Mike Balog

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Hi bretherin.
I to just had to laugh at the irony, when I clicked on the 'Hell and Everlasting Punishment' article in the Devotional forum; when the add right at the top said something like: "The truth about hell! Hell is not everlasting and we can prove it"!
The site it takes you to, proceeds to tell you how a loving God could not have made hells punishment everlasting!

While I was able to understand that this link was certainly not SermonIndex's choice, I do humbly echo Adams call to see if there is a way to vet these adds. Lest a younger brother/sister in Christ be left totaly confused.

We all really appreciate the work of Greg and ALL the moderators, so please don't take my comment as a critacism. We understand how much work and effort goes into this web site, and God Bless you all richley as you keep up the good work!


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