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 Nuclear Weapons

Please forgive the title of this thread, if it seems worldly, that is not my intent, to unpack the dross of the world. No.

Its 4AM, and I've awoken early and is my daily work, when I awaken, I make coffee, and get into the Word. This blesses me, it provides a sound foundation for the rest of the day.

For some time now, I have been reading and re-reading the Gospel accounts over and over again.

What I am keenly searching out are two Things; Who Jesus is, and what is the Kingdom of God, or the Kingdom of Heaven?

"The Kingdom of Heaven is near you" "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand".

I have gleaned much fruit for this exercise, and the gift of Faith that He gave me has been strengthed, in spite of the world's foul odors and deed's, the day to day struggle we all face, this Most Holy Faith is the only REAL thing we have, you all know that.

I said all that to say this: I am in Matthew 24, I read out of an ESV Bible having migrated from the NIV, at the suggestion of my pastor, my dearest friend, and I got to the portion headlined "The Abomination of Desolation". (MT 24:15-28)

One small passage leapt out at me:

"For then there will be great tribulation such as has not been seen from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be. And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved. But for the sake of the elect, those days will be cut short". (MT 24:21-22)

I began to think, pray and muse over the last 6 days, specifically the Russian/Georgian situation, and to think of the last 63 years, which is the advent of the nuclear age.

I had been watching over the Georgian situation with great concern (not fear...concern) because if our country had decided to "defend" Georgia, the situation could have grown perilous. (this is not a political post)

Perilous, in that the last thing we want to see is US forces facing off against Russian forces, because of the very real danger that any such conflict could devolve into a nuclear exchange. Such an exchange could happen simply because of miscommunication, or one side got so wrapped in fear of a "use it or lose it" mindset, that they would launch a limited nuclear strike, which in the final analysis would never stay limited, it would continue until both countries leadership's were decapitated.

But God is good, and he answered the pray of this servant of Jesus, (among many others, I presume) and the situation appears to be cooling down.

And then I began to muse about nuclear weapons themselves, the thousands of weapons the world holds, the countries that vie to craft such weapons, and then the weapons themselves, what they do.

A nuclear weapon, when detonated recreates for several milliseconds the power of the sun, the heat and blast and power of the sun.

Now, as we all know, God created the sun, in His Magnificent Brilliance, it warms us, gives us light, grows our food. God is such a Brilliant Designer, just for instance, take a maple leaf and study it's architecture, the shape, the vascular system of a leaf, its properties of photosynthesis, using the sun to flourish and grow, and it truly awes and humbles one to consider the Genius of God, His creative powers of design, and the intricacy that it all fits together. I'm not talking about "worshipping nature", I'm talking about standing in awe of the Creator, Abba God, I'm talking about standing in love and faith that it is Jesus who holds it all together.

Now what did man attempt to do, when man created nuclear weapons? Man, in his pitiful attempts has tried to recreate the power of the sun, he could only do it for a millisecond, but he did it, and he did it, mind you, in a "noble" effort to bring the end of an awful war.

Today, weapons scientists and designers work on weapons that dwarf nuclear weapons in their destructive powers, lasers, phased array particle beam plasma weapons, I could go on and on. Are these men "evil"?

That's too simplistic a question. If you live in America, our defense apparatus works on such weapons to defend us. If you live in Russia, they work on weapons to defend themselves, same thing with any nation state. These men and women are just doing what they feel they "have" to do, in terms of worldly concerns and as you all know, [b]this world is sin sick.[/b]

and it will continue in this condition, until Jesus comes back. Praise His Name.

Will the world ever disgorge itself of such weaponry? No. The pride and ego and fear of the leaders of the world testify that this will not be the case. Whatever weapon mankind crafts, they will use, and this weapon will be used again. Its demonic, of satan, but it is all in God's plan, He spells out the last days very clearly in Scripture.


God knows.

I don't know why I HAD to unburden myself in such a way, this is not a "thus saith", or prophecy, it's just on my heart. It's almost like a veil being lifted, the fog lifting and one can see what is to come. To a person of the world, a person who does not know Jesus, I imagine this would be terrifying, and in reality, a nuclear exchange would not be a trip to Disneyland, but a horror.

But to a follower of Jesus, been given the gift of Faith, forgiveness of sins, and the Hope and Joy of worshipping in the New Jerusalem, the Heavenly Jerusalem as outlined in Hebrews, we have no fear.

As the Lord leads me, I say this, don't pray for the Day of the Lord, instead pray that today you know the Lord.

Forgive me for stating such a fundamental of this Holy Faith, but God loves us, Jesus loves us, and no weapon formed against us, shall prevail. God will have the Glory, and you and me, us all, shall share in that Glory, today and forever.

In Jesus' Name, amen.

 2008/8/13 6:17

 Re: Nuclear Weapons

Wow... what kind of coffee are you drinkin'??? I need some of that stuff!

Good post. There is a lot there, and I want to digest it more before I comment on it.

Good stuff tho, brother.


 2008/8/13 8:05


That's very kind of you to say to me, my brother.

It's Hill's Brothers 100% Columbian, made strong and black.

Not only that, there's something precious about reading Scripture early and upon awakening, the world is silent, the house is silent, and when I approach this reading prayfully and openly, much private fruit can be gleaned, the Small Still Voice of God, and you can either bury these treasures in your heart, or as I felt led, to share them on a public forum.

Most of the time I bury them in my heart, because we all have our private time with Jesus, and it should stay that.

But then again, the Holy Ghost will tell you, testify.

To be honest with you, in this last few days, I had a "red line", which was if I had a hint that our nation would "defend" Georgia, I was packing the SUV with needed kit, and driving the 4 hours to my rural retreat far from the line of fire.

Is that fear?

No. I like to think it's wisdom.

Thru the centuries since Christ came the first time, the world has demonstrated how utterly sin sick it is, but it is only since 1945, that we really went astray, and that was to mimic the power of the Creator. This blasphemy, this new "bite of the apple" will be the worlds undoing.

Every weapon made has always been utilized, again and again, sooner or later. That's the way of a sin sick world, where down is up, and evil is good, no right, no wrong.

God love you today, natan

 2008/8/13 8:43

 Re: Nuclear Weapons

I might have spoke too soon.

Reports are that a Russian armoured column is driving towards Tbilsi, the Georgian capital.


 2008/8/13 8:56

 Re: Nuclear Weapons

Natan: I believe your assessment and musings on the state of the World is valid and thoughtful, and needs to be addressed. There are some major theological issues that confront us to anyone who agrees with your discernment here. To me, what you are saying is patently [b]obvious[/b], sooner or later, we are going to be in Nuclear war.

It is inevitable, and in study of the Prophetic scriptures, it seems the only thing possible to attain such destruction. 1/3 of the Earth [b]burned[/b], 1/3 of the seas, [b]poisoned[/b], one third of the Earth's people, killed in war. "The smoke of her torment arises!" [Babylon]...while the sailors at sea mourn![ no more commerce] more electrical grid..[no more lamp shines within her].

The theology, in the main, that I was referring to, is of course, the timing of the rapture. Many believe that the church will not be subject to this time of war and suffering, but will be gathered to Heaven; The pre tribulation Rapture. I, personally do not. I believe that when the 7th trump sounds, we shall rise with the dead in Christ..[those remaining on Earth].

[I did not want to hijack this thread with this controversy, so please start another thread to discuss this if you like.]

America will be in the thick of it, as I see it. We are despised. It is obvious if Ben Laden could have inserted Nukes somehow on 9-11, he would have done it. Iran's leader salivates as he rushes to create one, while breathing constant threats of annihilation to Israel, and of course, the USA.

Pakistan is destabilizing, leaning more and more to favoring militant Islam [rather than a more civil and tolerant attitude to the West.] N. Korea has thumped it's chest, China threatened us over Taiwan, Russia over Eastern Europe's defenses, India/Pakistan, over Nepal.

Faith......"When the Son of man comes, will He find faith on the Earth?" It is the only thing we will have to carry us through.

 2008/8/13 8:58

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Hi BrotherTom...


It is inevitable, and in study of the Prophetic scriptures, it seems the only thing possible to attain such destruction. 1/3 of the Earth burned, 1/3 of the seas, poisoned, one third of the Earth's people, killed in war. "The smoke of her torment arises!" [Babylon]...while the sailors at sea mourn![ no more commerce] more electrical grid..[no more lamp shines within her].

Actually, I'm not sure that the Lord needs "nuclear weapons" to accomplish this task. We only read that such wrath is poured out from Heaven (versus launched from Russia or China, etc...). When God's wrath destroys entire portions of the planet, we can certainly realize that God's power is greater than any energy released by the splitting of the atom. Of course, I'm not saying that God will not use nuclear missiles to accomplish this. All I am saying is that he doesn't NEED them to accomplish such dispersion of his wrath upon the Earth.
The theology, in the main, that I was referring to, is of course, the timing of the rapture. Many believe that the church will not be subject to this time of war and suffering, but will be gathered to Heaven; The pre tribulation Rapture.

Thanks for clarifying this. However, it would be more accurate if post-trib believers understood that most pre-trib (or preferably, "pre-[i]wrath[/i]") believers are well aware that the Church will (and has/does) face tribulation, persecution and the effects of war while we live on this Earth. We just assume that there is a difference between such things and the wrath of God.

Just wanted to make a little comment. As far as the initial article: Thanks brother! Like Krispy, I will certainly have to read it further in order to digest it! I am also praying for our brethren in Georgia!



 2008/8/13 10:41Profile

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 Re: Nuclear Weapons


I assume you are quite appears that the reality of the destructiveness of nuclear power unleashed upon the earth has reached your understanding.

It may be of interest to you to know that this understanding is what scared many during what has been called the "Cold War", and era of time before many here were ever born. The manufacturers of bomb shelters did a booming business back then.

And it passed.

However, I am still of the opinion based on Revelation, that this can and will sometime happen. I agree with Chris who believes God will not need nuclear weapons to accomplish but also know he could use it if He so chooses.

So, my understanding is that it is futile to worry about it. My generation was all up in arms about it 40 years ago - this issue is one that fueled the "make love - not war" culture - and it passed, leaving the acceptance of gross immorality in its wake.

So, what can we do? Some would opt to join the 'peace movement' pressuring the government to rid itself of all nuclear weapons. Others would say it is all in God's hands knowing that to fight evil men with carnal weapons will be an act of futility. And that leaves one with only one option and that is to trust in the LORD, knowing that what happens will all be under his control.

A greater fear, if you want to call it that, is the discouragement I experience what I see apostasy run rampant, unchecked. Now this is real, it doesn't kill anyone physically, but it sure wrecks havoc in one's spirit.

Thoughtful post, Natan.


Sandra Miller

 2008/8/13 18:15Profile

 Sister Ginnyrose

Lord bless you for your response, no, I am not young. In fact, I remember very clearly my mother begging my father to construct a bomb shelter during 13 very tense days in October 1962.

During my life, I've had the occasion to serve, and I've given considerable study to what is termed "nuclear warfighting". I don't say that arrogantly, or in a sense, "look what I know"...not at all, dear sister. As in everything, it is by the Grace of God, that the Soviet Union and the US did not blow each other off the globe. Besides the Cuban Missile Crisis, we came even closer to full scale nuclear war in November of 1983 during a NATO exercise, "ABLE ARCHER"

(if you wish to read about it:[url=]"Able Archer"[/url] )

The point of my post was this: that man is so arrogant and murderous, we have actually tried to mimic the power of the sun in a weapon. Now nation states, and more nation states wish to possess this weapon.

I have no problem with peace movements, I find many of them hypocritical, as I do many of what would be called "church leaders". In the peace movements, you'll have great masses of people demonstrating for peace, and then go home and "wage war" on a spouse, loved one, family member, the same time, in the "church", you had many leaders, calling themselves followers of Jesus, yet giving spiritual covering to a government, ours, intent on a pre-emptive strike on a nation, that was based on a foundation of lies.

I don;t mean this to be a political post, or to upset you, but everything that is OF the world is sin sick and sin soaked.

As I'm sure you know, the word "shalom" not only means "peace", but it means "wholeness", it's a good word, but only the peace and wholeness that Jesus brings is real, everything else is counterfeit and hypocrisy. (I know I'm preaching to the me, just testifying)

which brings me to my last point, I agree totally with you, in that it is the LORD we trust in, period....yes and amen. And the way I see it, that includes nuclear weaponry, governments run amok, glutted with power and ill-intent, but that also goes for the apostasy we see so often, in all kinds of forms, whether it be tatooed large white men barking like dogs,laughing like maniacs or carnival barkers who SAY they're pastors smiling all pretty on the TV screen, as they tell you to "sow seed" into their "ministries", "because don't ya know, God will return it a hunnerd fold".

Ah Sister Ginny Rose, we could work ourselves sick just thinking about it ALL, all the hypocrisy, all the ill-will, all the sin, but in the end, (and this is what I hang onto like a life line) in the end, It's that Small Still Voice of Jesus saying, "Natan, I love you".

"Ginny Rose, I love you".

Jesus, I love him so, I know you do too,

Jesus, our Savior.

God love you dear sister, sleep well tonight.


 2008/8/13 19:24

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