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May you find blessings with Psalm 91 and Psalm 102. Cheer up.

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Our hearts go out to you and your son, dear sister. Especially as parents we feel the sorrow and concern you have for your son's state and health.

Yesterday I was so sadly pained, when a good friend shared with me his own son's struggles. We prayed tenderly and earnestly only as two fathers can pray for their sons. Who can pretend to know why certain things can afflict our children, whether they be physical or spiritual, except that in Christ there is an answer.

Though it is a wilderness, it is not all briars and barrenness, as you are demonstrating for our benefit. God deepens our knowledge of him with these difficult things. In these times we are more sensitive to his comforting presence. We ourselves, for our children's sakes, become as a child in His bosom, and more determined to avoid the darkness that wants to influence our families at every opportunity.

We join in prayer for you and your son, while he is being tested by the doctors. How wonderful to know he is seeking and is being open to trusting God. And your desire that Jesus is honored in all of this ministers encouragement to us.

Thank you,


Mike Compton

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mj, It is none of my business,but is your son saved? how old is he?

I may have a clue to the pain .

I had this exact same thing happen to me.
It was finally diagnosed as anxiety disorder.
If he is a christian,he can assist you in getting free.
Have him pray with you. I can promise you without a doubt he will be freed.

I have learned one thing in this cristian walk. The devil ALWAYS looses.


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