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 Re: A great sermon you all must hear...

While I have no problem with the subject matter, I was a little bothered with the laughter. I have no problem with speaking out against false teachers and heresy. My first post on SI was on this very thing. Pointing out false teachers and heresy is Biblical and in many Churches it should be done more often. These things are very serious and grievous. I’m not saying we don’t all find certain comments amusing at times…it just seemed a little much.

This may stem from my mindset going into the sermon. I had been dwelling on some very grievous issues and experiencing a feeling of brokenness for not taking the things of the Lord more seriously in our country, especially this “false teacher labeling” business. It is something that needs to be done and I take off my hat to this minister for his faithfulness to the Word in doing so. It was good to hear a preacher warn his flock of the wolves. It always does my heart good to hear the truth being proclaimed loudly and boldly from the pulpit.

About the laughter…there are times I laugh at things that would get me slapped in certain circles, while other times I hear laughter and want to do some slapping. We all hear things differently at different times. Human moods and emotions are rarely in sync…especially across the WWW.

I mention the laughter not as much as a comment about this sermon but perhaps one about myself. I have heard many sermons similar to this one that did not contain the laughter and cute comments…they had a much more profound impact, at least on me.

Grace and peace brother and thanks for posting this. Laughter aside...the message was clear. I thank God for men that are willing to proclaim the truth in and out of season.


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When I posted this I knew there would be some that would have an issue with the laughter. I didnt say anything because I wanted everyone to listen without me prejudicing people's thoughts before they even heard it.

I agree with Mike... some things are just laughable that are going on in the church today.

I was watching Todd Bentley on the TV this weekend. Havent had much time to just sit down and watch the man. They were in Rock Hill SC, and ol' Bob Jones was there. Some of the silliness was laughable... but I was overwhelmed with a sense of sadness at such deception.

These people need to be called out, just as Pastor Knox does in this sermon. Some of the things they do need to be laughed at. But I think Pastor Knox does and excellent job of pointing out the seriousness of this.

False teachers are the biggest problem facing our country. Period. And they are standing in the way of true revival, distracting the church with their false revivals.


 2008/8/11 8:33

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 Re: Our full response in WAR

I pray that no one misunderstand this post. I also doubt that I can truly express what is in my heart on this. We all have this trouble in posting.

It is SI threads that have introduced me to false teachers in the sense of waking me up to the [u]wave of wickedness saturating our land[/u], of which only one example is Lakeland.

A recent focus on Jude has helped me greatly in coming to some balance in response. False teachers are not “carnal Christians”, “Soulish believers”, “fleshly Christians”, however you want to put it. Jude does not say pray for them, go to them and strive to restore them (they strive differently). False teachers go the way of Cain (it is a way!) and perish in the gainsaying (anti-logos) of Korah. Korah was a Levite (!!!). He carried the Ark(!!!)He had witnessed the rebellion of Miriam and Aaron! He had seen the death of the spies that brought an evil report. And then he gathered to himself, 250 princes (famous, men of renown). He pleaded "democracy" to the princes and then to Moses. He died, in his rebellion, without repenting.

The message referenced here is needful and helpful in its biblical specificity. I thank God that it is spoken clearly.

What then is our response?

Believers that are not deluded by false teachers can be distracted by them. In that distraction, there are many opportunities to fall into sin in response to what is displayed by false teachers. Sounds like a clever tactic in warfare to me.

Yes, Call them out, call them out, call them out! (Jude 1-16. Jude even sets aside writing on the common salvation to call them out.) After we call them out, then what? The next step in walking? Jude lays it out clearly (7 verses). “Remember (we do)”, “These have not the Spirit. (we do!)” “praying in the Holy Ghost (do we?)

Krispy wrote:[i]“but I was overwhelmed with a sense of sadness at such deception.”[/i]

I know that sadness: for the deluded followers, the little ones, the years that may be needed to repair the damage, the loss in the mean time to the Body, the Bride, etc. We can follow that sadness to the pain and, with prayer, all our wicked ways in responding to the pain can be cleared away. And we can follow to the brokenness. Sadness …pain ….brokenness ….” Verse 22-23 follows verse 20.

It is worth our time not to look at what-ever-their-names-are but to look at messages like these: [url=A Warning To America (video) by Keith Daniel]A Warning To America (video) by Keith Daniel[/url] because it is WAR and the Word of God is true. When we pray, the Holy Spirit intercedes in many ways, including changing us. There are several recent threads on this.

May we wake up to prayer. It’s the [u]going on[/u] in prayer. Like others do, I have omitted many things here and I am experiencing the conviction we know that comes from how much time posting takes (yes the benefit). I thank God for believers gathered here.

Eph. 3: 20-21: Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, [u]according to the power that worketh in us[/u], Unto him [be] glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen. Revival.

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